Hearthstone .. Blizzard's duel game, introduced a new pack to its game, containing a new set of cards, and a completely new game system, the addition of Rastakhan's Rumble

In this article I will discuss the most important aspects of the new update in the game with a focus on things that attract new players so that players who have not tried the game before understanding this game, and may be excited to try after reading this article

At first we will talk about the new cards that have been added to the game, their impact on the players base and the current form of play

New leaves in Rastakhan's Rumble addition
The new package contains some cards that can change the shape of the game completely as players know now, most notably Zu'ljin paper, a special paper allows you to reactivate all the magic cards that you have activated throughout the game

We did not have the opportunity to take advantage of the sets of papers sent to us by Blizzard, but that does not mean that Zu'lJin has just ended. There are many other powerful papers that we have been able to get and try, such as Gong The Raptor and Jan'alai The Dragon Hawk

Gong The Raptor allows you to carry out a full-scale attack and finish the game in one role because of its own ability, and also Jan'alai has a block on calling a monster that does 8 points of damage each turn.

All these cards can be combined instantly with old playing cards without the need to buy cards from any other groups, and you will find great success during their experience in matches

The package also adds a new written feature that was not already in the game, an Overkill capability, which allows you to get rewards when you do more damage than the required monster monster points

As you add Spirits, these monsters are hidden on the playground for a role after being summoned, and have special abilities suitable for the role they have been called. By combining these cards with Overkill abilities, you will be able to make quick and powerful attacks always.

But the real power of the extra pack lies in the mythical monsters I talked about at the beginning, each of which can make some strong sets of cards, which can enter the current competition very strongly, so I think it's worth buying from other groups if you want to start the game now

New Rumble Run
Rumble Run is a new fighting system based on the defeat of eight consecutive champions, but with some exciting new conditions

The first requirement is that you do not play with your usual cards. Instead, you choose one of the groups of cards that the game gives you in a different way each time. After each time you defeat a player, new cards will be added to your group. Increase your strength

Heartstone players may be a bit saddened by the lack of a full story system like previous plugins, but I think this system is very good given that we got two additional story packs this year. This addition is also very suitable for new players who are not yet familiar with the game

This add-on allows players to experience the possibilities of all the cards, rather than the limited experience of the training games, and you can log in and replay for any number of times without having to think long about making your own game set