Microsoft has made a remarkable effort this year to connect with many exciting game developers and to support them to make advanced games on Xbox One

So before the start of the new year, we share with you the most important games Xbox One in 2019, which we are eagerly awaiting the date of issue

Some of these games are not exclusive, and others have no specific date yet, but we have collected all the games that we know will be the best experiences on the Xbox, especially with Xbox One X Enhanced Games, and many other Microsoft services

Now is the time to talk about the most important Xbox games in 2019

Release Date:

Tunic is a fully developed and fully developed game from one person, the Canadian developer who worked on the legendary game Moss before, and was presented at the last E3 conference as exclusive coming to Xbox One

Tonic uses an isometric telescope that can change the distance from which we look at the hero as we want. The game has a graphics and game system similar to The Legend Of Zelda, where you need to solve the puzzles and get some new weapons and equipment to progress in the game.

Date of issue: 15 February 2019

Far Cry New Dawn takes place 17 years after the global nuclear disaster and takes players to the dazzling Hoop County,

Life began to emerge again from the heart of chaos, but survivors now find themselves facing a new threat: the ruthless 'bandits' led by the twin "Mickey" and "Lo"

As the twins grew up in an outlaw area, they lived with their gang by looting others, who had arrived in Hope County to loot all available resources

In order for the players to avoid this devastating threat, they must help the survivors to get back on track, build a temporary arsenal and form unexpected alliances to fight for survival within a dangerous new front.

Game Skull & Bones
Release Date:

We have been playing Sea Of Thieves for long hours on the Xbox One platform, so we can not wait to try another game based on naval battles, and Skull & Bones seems to be the perfect choice.

Skull & Bones is a tactical war game where you take the role of pirate ship head, scour the Indian Ocean in an individual story, or combine five other players to make your own crew,

In this game, you have to buy weapons and equipment to develop your ship, and make sure the direction of the wind because of its impact on the course of the battle, as you can compete with your friends in the adventures to hunt treasures

Game Phoenix Point
Release date: June 2019

X-COM gamers will no longer need to look for games similar to their favorite game, as the developer of the same main series is the one who is working on the new game project Phoenix Point, which he considers the spiritual successor to his original X-COM series

Phoenix Point is a strategic game that takes place in 2047 in the midst of the occupation of the Earth from space, and the shape of these astronauts and their horror was inspired by the writings of the famous horror author Lovecraft

The game also has mutations like Mutant Year Zero, but this time with enemies and not with you. Unfortunately, players have limited resources as human players and they have to know how to use them carefully to win and reach all the endings in the game.

Deep Rock Galactic
Release Date:

Deep Rock Galactic is a shooting game and science-fiction based on cooperation in exploration of many mines in space, and you use dwarfs with special abilities to fight the dangers in space

Game Ashen
Release Date:

Is a game that gets inspiration from many game chains such as Dark Souls, Shadow Of The Colossus, Sword & Sorcery

The way the world is designed in the game is also important because the monsters in the game have the ability to destroy the world around them completely during battles. Game developers also say Multiplayer elements in the game were inspired by DayZ zombie

Game Void Bastards
Release Date:

Void Bastards is a new strategic shooting game from the same studio that worked on the Bioshock and System Shock 2 games

You play in many enemy space ships and you will get maps of these ships to help you plan, find out where enemies and devices can help you on your journey

Your job is to get the equipment and weapons on board, but spending a lot of time will put you at greater risk and you will be surrounded by more enemies. So you have to know when you need to leave to keep the mission going