Maybe you're looking at some powerful games this year and thinking "I wish I had the money to buy them

Well, you do not have to wait much longer today, we have collected all the important computer games coming out in 2019, which will be available on PC for free

This is a list of the most important free computer games coming in 2019
Game Project Amalthea
Project Amalthea is an online science fiction game with simple controls and fast-moving combat battles

In the game you can get your own space station, use many different weapons, share resources, everything you can find, many special abilities you can get, and you can engage in fierce space battles with an unlimited number of players

If you can not buy space travel games this year like Starlink, you should definitely get this game

Game Dissolution
Do you like space games like Dead Space, Prey? If you have to watch this game, you can be anyone you want in the galaxy, a soldier in the Planetary Defense Organization, a dealer, a treasure hunter, a space pirate, anything you think you can do

There is a great deal of freedom to buy weapons, equipment and vehicles, and the prices in this game vary according to the laws of supply and demand, there are no rules of exchange, you can choose to be peaceful and do not kill anyone, or be a savage murderer who steals everything and pays nothing

The game also has a new storyline and changes based on your choices within the game. You will also be able to play the game with your friends online on a large scale

Game Extopia

 The new Battle Royale game comes from Malaysian developers, and it seems to combine PUBG's graphical power with building features and the ability to change the shape of players in Fortnite, and we are waiting for new creations that will be made by this team after the launch of the game

Unreal Tournament

A new game from Epic Games, based on the Unreal Engine graphics engine, depicts shooting battles within the circuits we used in previous parts of the series

The advantage of this game is that it is developed along with the players, there is a big market in the game for all developers and content creators to do their own add-on to the game

An initial copy can now be downloaded from the company's Epic store

Magic The Gathering Arena
Magic of the powerful card games and competition for the game of Hearthstone, and after a new version was issued annually, turned into a completely free game. The company promises that this game will be a complete version and did not reduce any of them

The company also promised that it would add 1000 new sheets to the game annually

Currently the game is still in beta stage, but some see the many ads at the Games Games of the year, it seems that the time of issuance is very close

Game Dauntless

You may know that Monster Hunter World has been awarded the Best RPG Games of the Year, and I wish you owned the game, but do not worry, Dauntless is a very suitable replacement for the Monster Hunter series.

Dauntless is a cooperative game where you can fight fierce monsters called Behemoths, and you will need to work together with friends to defeat these monsters, upgrade your equipment and weapons