The PlayStation 4 may not be the same in 2018 as we have seen in 2018, especially as there are many confirmed information these days about developing a new generation of PlayStation platform

Sony has confirmed earlier that the PlayStation 4 platform has become in its latest age and business, but this does not mean that the strong hardware hardware is over, there are still many new PlayStation 4 hardware coming in 2019

As we are used to Sony, next year comes to offer us some new and fun games, ideas of great creativity and excellence, and of course all will be issued exclusively exclusively for PlayStation 4

This list lists all the upcoming PlayStation 4 in 2019

Arc Of Alchemist
Release Date: Summer 2019

A new game coming from Japan's Compile Heart in February, and later in English in the summer of next year. Its basic idea is to explore the desert and its secrets, adding some elements of science fiction

The story tells of a great desert that conceals a great power that can save humanity, but all the search teams that went for this power failed in its mission, and it is your turn now to lead the band that will search for this great power to save humanity

The game contains a fighting style that depends on the speed of movement and strategic thinking, and the use of natural elements surrounding you such as fire, water and snow to get a priority in the battles, and also crossing the obstacles scattered on the map

Game Concrete Genie

Release date: Spring 2019

The story tells the story of a young boy named Ashe, who lives in a small, polluted town called Dineska, whose only hobby is the scrawl in his little notebook

But there are some people who are annoying the child and take the notebook from him, then cut his pages and throw them away all over the city, and from here start your journey in search of lost pages, but the interesting thing is that the child will discover a brush during his journey can make his imagination turn into reality

The game depends on how you draw using Motion Controls in the Playstation Arm to draw around the city of Dineska, and the colors used in the graphics will determine the character of the paintings that go out to life

As an example: the red color will give the characters the ability to breathe flames. There are also many puzzles that players are waiting to solve around the city using graphics

Death End Re; Quest

Hyperdimension Neptunia, where you play the role of a computer programmer, investigates the disappearance of his girlfriend and his programming partner, to discover that she was locked up in an open world game within the computer, which the two worked to develop together. The only way to save the girl is for the hero to play the game to the end

The interesting thing about the game is that the style of playing is constantly changing during the battles. This means that the battles do not follow the same pattern as the rest of the RPG games of the same type, but the battles will sometimes change to a shooting game, or even a two-dimensional combat game, Players have to change the playing style many times to get the advantage in front of the main enemies and monsters in the game

Game Dreams
Release Date:

The creative team that makes fantasy-based games like Little Big Planet and Tearaway presents us with a similar new game in the idea of ​​Dreams

As the name implies, the game turns your dreams into reality, you can make your own games entirely like shooting games, platform games, puzzle games, limitless creativity in this game

Everything you can make can also be shared with other players online, you can access things that other players have done, modify and develop them as you want, or even use their ideas to develop your own game.

The game also contains an individual story system, based on puzzle solving and the use of different characters to cross challenges, and teach players the possibilities available to them to make their own games

Medevil Remake

Release Date:

Medevil Remake is a remake of the classic Medevil game that first appeared on Playstation 1

The game follows the story of Sir Dan, the warrior hero who fights the evil wizard Zaruk and the zombie army that controls him and uses him to destroy the world

According to the developer, the game is not just a change in the quality of graphics, but is a complete reproduction of all aspects of the game from scratch....