Today, we will talk about the security and protection certificates in the IT sector and the talk will be about the top five certificates according to foreign surveys based on the job market in the famous employment sites

The greater the reliance on technology, the greater the security gaps and the greater the number of organizations and individuals who wish to benefit from this information revolution, which has become in every home, company, computer and mobile phone and the goals vary between the material, destructive or even political. Therefore, we find that the security and protection sector is increasing day by day. 2016 For example, the number of jobs available in America, for example, about 200 thousand jobs in the security and protection and is expected to reach one and a half in 2019, a very significant development in the job market by more than 500 percent and the job is very sensitive will find that the market is looking for qualification in e The CISSP certification is the most sought after in the market for 2017 followed by the CISM certificate. Both certificates require five years of proven experience in the security sector. Before we talk about certificates to look at the table of certifications and see rankings according to global recruitment sites such as SimplyHired, Indeed, LinkedIn Jobs, TechCareers

Certified Information Systems Security Professional Every company or organization has to protect their systems, secure their data and close as many gaps as possible in their networks, so the security space of any company always takes a big place. CISSP certification is one of the most demanding security certificates I consider (Personal opinion) is the best place for anyone to start a method of information security. Taking into account the scientific foundations, the certificate does not focus on any product or device in the world, but focuses on the same way of thinking. The whole focus is on the general security of the company in all its forms. This may bother you very much at first Burglars engineers who are used to orders, images, or any practical application on the thing that they learn

I think it's like a simple inhibitor but it's the perfect security man who can control the most tight security holes. This year's CISSP certification is the result of many companies turning to Cloud technology and the presence of CISSP experts will increase and enhance the security of this information. . The certificate at the top of respect and through the follow-up to the Arab and Western salaries index I find that the certificates are always high indicators but as I always say respect and high salary of any certificate is based on things that are difficult to provide. Apart from the difficulty of studying this certificate, you will find the legal requirements stand in front of you, the most important of which is having at least five years of experience in the field of information security and guaranteeing a person with the same certificate

We will note that the certificate has branches focusing on three areas: management, engineering, engineering and architecture. The certificate can be developed with two additional exams after the original exam