Most of us have heard and seen several reports on TV about Sony's latest hacking operation, which is believed to have been carried out by pirates from North Korea. The threats that came after the penetration, as we will see later, ask the parent company to stop the " Mocks the North Korean president and what we have heard from reports and news that represents one percent of the whole process that is not yet known what dimensions are full to hear the full story

Before delving into the mechanism that was penetrated through it to first identify the size of the public damage caused by the pirates as a result of this painful process to be separated later on as it was leaked from the company, which is hard to be a disaster for the company

The biggest piracy operation that has occurred in the last 10 years
77 million email addresses
25 million account for Sony Athecker users
10700 discount cards
12700 credit card
Secret correspondence between employees show some racist
Scenarios for films will soon be filmed including James Bond
Five films were supposed to be released, such as Annie, Mr Turner, and To Write Love On Her Arms
Sony shares down 6.6 percent
Initial losses estimated at $ 100 million
Sony finally announces that the movie will be stopped or delayed
On November 23, a photograph appeared on Sony employees telling them the hacking process and promising to publish a lot of surprises on November 24