There are many reasons why the Xbox video game console is better than the Playstation although some PlayStation fans may convince you otherwise. While the PS2 platform from Sony has dominated the scene in conjunction with the first Xbox platform - In Microsoft's article, the theme turned to Microsoft when it reached the Xbox 360 in 2005, so the console - or consol, as the video game enthusiasts liked to call it - redefined some of the big hardware problems that hit The original device quickly overtook the PS3

This trend continues with the versions of the Xbox One and PS4 so you'd rather spend your hard earned money on the Microsoft platform

Versions of the Xbox platform over time
The original Xbox platform in 2001
The Xbox 360 Platform
The Xbox One platform in 2013
The Xbox One S platform in 2016
The Xbox One X platform in 2017

Is the Xbox Live better than the PSN

Microsoft's online service is more stable and easier to use than its counterpart Sony, although both devices are the same price. Moreover, there are things that Xbox can do and the PS4 can not play. Your Xbox One, and you can buy a single digital copy of a game to play on both your Xbox and your computer

If that's not enough evidence, Microsoft has launched a service that allows you to run more than 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games for less than $ 10 a month

People who play for a long time and have a huge gaming library tend to have more Xbox4 than the PS4, and even if you do not need graphics power, you'll get a platform that stays with you for years with the same performance

Here's the reason why the XBox is better than the PlayStation

 Your Xbox ONE device is compatible with older versions

There were a lot of great games released during the Xbox 360 console war that lasted nearly a decade

While Xbox One or PS4 did not offer pre-game compatibility when the devices were first released, Microsoft realized that this feature is very important to the device's fans, so it added old gaming compatibility after the release of Xbox One for the first time

This is still a reason for good sales. Moreover, some Xbox 360 games look better on the Xbox One X, and the platform also enhances older graphics.

As of 2018, there will be more than 450 Xbox 360 games available for playing on the Xbox One, including popular games such as Halo 3, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, Dead Space

Microsoft is adding new games to the list almost every month and is working to make the original Xbox games playable on Xbox One

While the PS4 does not have the old gaming feature, Sony does not have plans to add the feature anytime soon

Xbox One plays the 4K Blu-Rays
Platform (Xbox)

When the PS4 Pro was announced, everyone expected to come with the Blu-ray 4K, but unfortunately, while the Xbox One X comes with the Ultra HD drive at $ 499, the price of the Xbox One S is only $ 229

Xbox services make it easy to change your username. Sony does not have this feature
Modify profile window and change user name
Everyone in this life goes through several stages, for example the tattoos that you thought was a great idea in 1996 will chase you forever, but online video games do not have to be this way. Microsoft realized this and allowed the players to change the player's card They have as much as they want, so the first change is free, and every subsequent change will cost the players $ 10

PlayStation fans do not enjoy this feature, as there is no way to change your PSN profile name once it is created. If you make your name on the Internet XxGodsmackSpartan420xX, it is best to be ready to take that title with pride to the end or you will lose all digital content Which you purchased when you created a new account