Forza is one of the most stunning racing games in terms of form and design without competition. Turn10 knows how to create great racing games, and often uses Xbox to represent the visual power of its games.

Forza Motorsport 7 For example, over 700 cars allow you to choose from more than 32 different race locations

You can also customize some race components such as the driver behind the wheel, and the distinctive dynamic weather system

Each race track in the game has been laser-scanned so that the game can capture the most accurate details and bumps on the road, to give you a real simulation of real-world races

The game also allows you to adjust minute details in vehicles such as aerodynamics, wheel pressure, and many more, you can keep adjusting your car for hours and hours

There is also a computer that helps you to know the best pieces that you should buy for your car in an interactive picture, as if you actually see your car in front of you in fact

As for Forza Horizon 4, it took all the beautiful things and details that Motorsport had created and employed them in an open, imaginative fairy-tale, challenging and long-distance race path across the island. There are also challenges that make you beat air balloons, trains and other challenges. Difficult and difficult

The games also give you quick and good rewards for your game, meaning that if you play any Forza game for at least one week, you will have enough money to buy anything you want in the game and at what price you will not need to play for long periods to be a professional in the game.

There are many features that can be talked about in Forza games, but this is not our issue today. In this article, we are trying to find alternative games on the PS4 platform for this great series of games, if you do not have Xbox One, Similar to your gaming platform, today's suggestions will undoubtedly interest you

Racing games featured on the PlayStation 4 at the same level as the Forza games series
Release Date: August 24, 2018

The game contains many training programs, and many new and old cars as well as the various tournaments based on the events of the 2018 Championship for Formula 1

F1108 also re-examined its Career Mode to make it more detailed, more focused on important points in the car such as aerodynamics and engines, so that players do not lose interest in the car before completing its development as in the previous part of the game.

The F1 2018 also tweaks the driving system to become more realistic and the player's settings become more influential on the movement of the car, and this is clearly shown in the curves that will touch the vibrations of the car instead of the previous game where the car was somewhat rigid

A big change is also the system of getting points, which is becoming easier and helps you progress after finishing a very few racing. And, of course, because it's a reality simulation game, you'll spend time interviewing and answering questions like you're a real driver and playing real

Game Cars 2
Release Date: September 22, 2017

Project Cars 2 has 182 cars from 38 different car manufacturers, 46 race tracks and more than 120 different shapes, most of which have been laser-scanned to be more realistic

Dynamic time and weather systems have also been added, making races radically different depending on the weather and not just the name of each track. The game also uses a new graphical engine called Livetrack 3.0, which moves the game's reality to a whole new level

The game also features the ability to drive off the racetrack and offer cars dedicated to hard and uneven roads such as Rallycross

Game developers also worked closely with factories and car companies to keep the game realistic to the fullest. The game also supports VR reality glasses