Code Vein An action and RPG game is expected to be released this year by Bandai Namco. The game takes inspiration from the style of fighting used in Dark Souls, and offers a kind of graphic that combines realism and anime series

The game takes place in a dark world ruled by blood-sucking creatures who, in this game, can use some special abilities by sucking blood from monsters, as well as using special weapons such as swords, axes and guns

In this article we have recorded our impression and our expectations regarding the game after completing the experience of all the missions provided by the closed network test version on the PlayStation 4

Fighting style in Code Vein

The game takes inspiration from the Dark Souls, but in fact the style of movement is more like the Bloodborne game, the character looks long after the thing, and its usual pace is quick, but it uses the usual somberness known in Souls games and not the side step in Bloodborne
The quick side step can be achieved by placing light weapons and weighing the equipment

You can use five different types of weapons such as the usual swords, large swords, guns, axes and thongs. You can carry two weapons and change between them in the same battle. Fighting with weapons is done by pressing the light and heavy attack buttons, and the weapons differ in the number of hits, which depends on the resistance indicator or Stamina probability. The probability indicator is displayed above the life point indicator as shown in the image

The developers of the game are the same team that worked on the God Eater series, so I was not surprised by the ability to absorb or Devour, which gives you special abilities just like the games God Eater. New here is that there are different forms of absorptive capacity such as claws or tails and can be switched at any time by changing the clothes worn or called the blood Veil. You can combine this property in the middle of the usual strikes to make the fighting system faster and more dynamic

To be clear, absorption here does not allow you to recharge your life points again; it is responsible for recharging your power points or Ichor. Your vampire abilities allow you to add a set of special strikes, called gifts, and these capabilities use the Ichor power indicator, which is displayed next to strikes in the form of a small number on the game interface.

You can use strikes in the battle by dragging the points to use the Ichor power indicator, but then this indicator stops strikes, and here you can use the charging elements as usual to recharge the Ichor indicator, or you can absorb energy from the monsters to make strikes back to work Again

Next to the points of life, energy and probability, the game displays a fourth indicator, Focus, receiving strikes from enemies or escaping at the right time you can enter the system Focus Mode. Accessing this system gives you instant full-load Stamina points, as well as making you easily lose enemies, while losing your balance becomes more difficult

Balance is an important element in this game, and we will talk about it in more detail in the next paragraph when we analyze key personality indicators

How to Personalize the Code in Vein
Personality selection One of the most admired things in the game is that the main character can be customized in many different shapes and details, which make each character's shape completely different from the other and create a dazzling variety between players' choices