If you've watched the horror movie of the famous horror writer Stephen King, or watched Stranger Things on Netflix, looking for a similar experience in video games, in form, content, level of mystery and horror, there's no need to look for more, because The Blackout Club is the perfect long awaited solution for fans of these works of art, and you can get to know the game and all its aspects through this article

The Question is developed and published by the The Question team. The game will be released later in 2019 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Now the game is available in the form of the early access version only on the Steam Games platform

What is the idea behind The Blackout Club?
The Blackout Club is a collaborative horror game from the perspective of the first person, centered around a group of teen friends who are investigating hidden secrets within their small town

Every night, all sleeping people come from their beds, start walking while asleep, and when they wake up in the morning, they do not remember anything that happened, or anything they did during their sleep. This mysterious experience is called the Blackout

Some children can recover from this strange sleeping sickness, find themselves in different places on the map after waking up, and of course can see everything that happens clearly, but when they tell these details to their families in the morning, no one believes them at all.

This is why the children made their own club, the Blackout Club, whose mission is to solve the mystery of this city, as well as to rescue their friend who was kidnapped during breakouts

The initial idea of ​​the game is undoubtedly new to the gaming world, and unique among the various horror games, and game developers seem to know what people like about horror stories in small cities like Stephen King's, and try to offer a much similar experience

What you are actually doing in the game

The idea that game developers want to deliver, which seems clear from the general shape of the game, is to be completely powerless, without any real ability to resist the dangers that will stagger you inside the game. This is the idea of ​​making heroes young and weak

The biggest enemy facing children in general, and inside the game, are the adults who walk asleep, the children will have to sneak in and hide unnoticed, and shoot and record evidence of what happens in the city during the night, so that they will be shown to adults the next morning. The Blackout Club

Children or adolescents use some technological aids such as noise generators, hooks, and Drones, so they can avoid the risks of adults, and achieve the mission goals required of them whatever

You are either alone or with friends going into the houses, so that no one will hear you, and you walk around the house, checking all the things that can be important signs or points that your tasks ask you to do. You will also need to save some children who have been kidnapped by adults from time to time

The tasks are changed daily automatically, so as to make the game always fresh and exciting, but true, the subject was not very fun, the tasks after a short time become somewhat repetitive, as you do the same things every time, infiltration and access from one point to another, This is a summary of all play sessions in full

Things I liked in the game

There is not much fun that the game actually offers in the form of challenges or the like, but the real fun in this game is playing with friends. You are exposed to a lot of terrifying adults and you always need friends to help you complete the task.

The city is remarkably wide. You and your friends can walk in many different ways, make a difference, and make plans. You can also jump on the adults and disable them for a while to let your friends pass and complete the task. You can also use weapons such as flash bombs or hypnotic arrows to disable adults for a longer period. There are a number of items and tools that can be obtained from the boxes on the map, which make the game system different each time you play them....