Many RPG games these days fail to show themselves in the charming way we were fascinated by old classic RPG games, but it seems that the team that works on the Edge of Eternity game knows how to do everything right

Edge of Eternity is an RPG game run by the Midgar Games Studio, a small Indie gaming studio with only 9 members.

As with many games today, the studio decided to involve players in developing the game firsthand by issuing an Early Access version of the game

The Early Access version does not contain many things yet, but it is still a good indicator of how the Midgar Studio team works

In this article we have recorded our impression of the game after testing the content released in the early access version, along with our expectations for the future of this game

At first I can say that I was impressed with the game by at least 90%, and the rest is a simple technique I will mention in the article, and I hope that the work and improve it in the final version of the game

Fighting system in the game Edge of Eternity
The first thing I want to talk about, and I know it will matter to many Japanese RPG game lovers, is the fighting system

The fighting system in this game is very innovative, since before you enter the battles, you can choose where you want the fight to take place whatever, and this choice will entail some strategic things within each battle

For example, there are many polycrystallines spread on the map of the world, each crystal has a special ability that can give you the advantage in the battle, or it can help your opponents if they stand by them.

The subject does not happen randomly. Players 'and enemies' parking spaces are determined by hexagonal shapes, which define the distances between all those present on the battlefield, called the Nexus. You can use this technique to move freely on the field, in places that are right for you and the plan. Play. The Nexus system can also be used to solve many of the puzzles in the game world

The world of the game also contains the system of time, day and night, and there are many natural phenomena that occur on the ground of the world of the game such as precipitation, and each of these phenomena have an impact on the way the capabilities used in combat, and natural elements that also use such as fire strikes and water and lightning Etc. Edge Of Eternity

The system is easy to learn and very enjoyable, and the way of movement on the battlefield makes each fight something different and new

 Key characters in Edge Of Eternity

The characters themselves can not be assigned to Classes. In some games, every character in the game (two main characters so far) has been designed to play certain roles, such as fighting or using magic, and it does not seem to be possible to change it later or modify it

There are two main sections to be allocated and developed in the game, the first is the level of characters you play, which is normal in games of this type, and in this game, I found that the difference levels between you and your opponents, has a great impact on the course of the battle, even if the difference is small even Just one level difference between you and them. It is important that your level is at the same level as your opponents so that you do not have any problems

The second section is the level of weapons you carry. This is the basis of the game. Each weapon has its own special abilities. You can also develop weapons with the many polycrystals you get from your battle win. Each weapon has its own abilities. Can be developed and designed in close proximity to the Sphere Grid used in Final Fantasy 10.Edge Of Eternity

Edge Of Eternity
Since the first moments, it seems clear to the game that it has taken many inspiration from the Final Fantasy series, especially the last part of it. This applies to some details of the world such as the atmosphere, the shape of weapons, the presence of polysaccharides as the main source of energy in the world.