Creating a strong password is the most important thing when opening accounts on websites. A strong password gives you great protection against hacking your account and keeping your sensitive personal information, files and messages.
In this article we will try to provide the best tips to choose a good and strong password, and this may help solve some problems forgetting or stealing accounts and be more discerning to avoid making mistakes in the past.
Note: Please read the full article until you get the most benefit

How to create a strong password

To create a strong and secure password, we suggest that you follow these three steps and come up with a new idea:
The first step: the terms of the words of the powerful guru

In order to achieve this condition you must follow the following

1. Do not use your data to create a password such as your name, birth date or anything in your data.
Password must be 8 characters or more.
3 - Try to combine between the letters of the alphabet and small and numbers and symbols, for example
Great English characters. Examples: A, Y, and Z
Small English characters. Examples: a, y, and z
numbers. Examples: 8, 1, and 0
Symbols and special characters. Examples:! @ & *
4 - we suggest you, for example, be the beginning of the characters for example or wisdom to reduce, for example: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (meaning: bird in the hand better than two on the tree), we take the first letter of each word to become the shape: Abhwtb and then add the example of the day of my birthday, which is 27 to become: 27Abhwtb and after example code & to become Abhwtb27 & then add the code also @ to become Abhwtb27 & @ We can use this word in all our accounts with a simple change in the latter according to each site to give it more protection, We use Facebook in the last code Facebook fb_ to become Abhwtb27 & @ fb_ and in the case of tw tw example become Abhwtb27 & @ tw_ and when using the site gl glitches Abhwtb27 & @ gl_.
We now have a password of 13 characters, a number and a symbol, and no one can guess by guessing it. If a password is stolen, one of your accounts can not access another account with the same password.

Step 2: Keep passwords secret

To keep your password avoid:
1 - Write it either on the papers or on your computer and the best to save
2. Save your password in browsers
3. Avoid sending it via email to anyone

Step 3: Backup if you forget your password

A lot of sites put up methods in case you forget your password such as phone number, email or security question etc., you try to clean all these ways to achieve maximum safety
Here ends our simple explanation of this point and I wish to share the subject until we learn all of our mistakes