Phil Spencer, president of the Xbox brand, responsible for leading the engineering and creative teams for the gaming industry at Microsoft, spoke at the Barclays 2018 Global Technology and Communications Conference on the future of the Xbox platform

In an interview with one of the conference organizers, Phil Spencer spoke about many aspects of the future of Xbox, his view of the gaming world in general, and answered many different questions

Initially, he was asked about the possibility of acquiring Electronic Arts studios, since many of the company's games are now available on the Xbox platform, along with EA Access

This was the response of Phil Spencer

If you look at how we acquired the game studios in the past, you'll find that we've focused on the creative teams we think can create interesting content, and can help expand Game Pass, expand our gaming platforms in general

We are not much interested in the way we manage the teams, infrastructure and things we have now within the Xbox sector, and you can see that through the seven studios we have acquired in the past six months, we have special estimates on this subject, but we are more interested in getting the creative teams, And how to integrate them into Microsoft's infrastructure, so we can help these teams with adequate funding and focus on the Game Pass feature, which can reach players everywhere, and we do not need to pay for some of the things that big publishers have, We have in th Pray under Sagva

In short, our focus is not on adding services that are identical to the things we already have and I think we do not need them. We focus more on how to find creative independent teams, and I feel good about the way we're going now.

 Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer also talked about the importance of relationships with third-party studios, especially as Project XCloud is approaching

There are many companies competing with us for these sections of games (3rd party games and gaming services), such as Amazon, AWS, Google, Tencent

As a Microsoft company we have long relationships with many content creators around the world, we have been around for two decades, and many of the older games released by content creators can now work on the latest Xbox

In this sense, if you look at broadcast services like Project XCloud, we do a simple calculation. There is a large amount of content that we have now because of our relationships, and I want to broadcast this content to any player, anywhere, on any device. We are opening a new market for these developers and publishers

We know that our system works well if the third-party studios are comfortable working on our platform. Of course our game hardware is also important, but our relationship with other developers is very vital. We have strong working relationships with EA, Activision, Take-Two, Capcom. The entire list will find that we have very long relationships with them, and they have posted thousands of content on our gaming platform