Depression as a disease has been presented in many different ways, through sub-characters in the games, or short story assignments here and there, but is not it time for the games to talk about depression mainly

The gaming industry has become a big thing in the last few years, and because of its wide impact, reach range extends to many ages and people from around the world, video games have become a difficult subject to ignore

Therefore, the idea was to use video games, to fight depression and all mental illnesses, through the cooperation of psychiatrists and game developers, to develop known therapies, and integrate them with video games, to create a new type of therapy fun and influential

In this list, we take some interactive games, which take the disease of depression a major theme of the story you tell, and perhaps after you play, will overcome the doubts and sorrows you now have

Games help you deal with depression
Depression Quest
Release Date: February 14, 2013

Available on PC devices: Depression

Depression Quest is an interactive game, featuring a description of many situations through photos and music, 40,000 different words, and multiple endings, all talking about one thing: depression

In this game, you must balance your illness, your business, your personal relationships, and your treatment. When your mental illness increases, you will find some options unavailable, which in turn indicates the level of depression you have, or whether you treat it or not

This game aims to show people with depression that they are not alone in their feelings, and explain to people who may not understand the disease the depths of what the disease can do to people

Since the goal is to spread awareness, there is no small amount you need to pay to play the game. However, if you choose to pay developers for their efforts, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the efforts of developers in the fight against suicide

The game is available for free play through your own browser.

Actual Sunlight
Release date: April 3, 2014

Available on PC devices: Depression

You play the role of Ivan, a simple worker, living in the vortex of real life, trying hard to keep his relations intact, balancing his daily life, and his fear of dealing with the community around him

The game talks about some important topics for adults such as video game addiction, dissatisfaction with work, loneliness and, of course, the resulting depression

Release Date: February 12,

Available on devices: PS4, PSvita, iOS depression

At Flower, you play a series of roses in the wind, wandering around the rocks and fields and with the wind in the dream-like landscape specially designed to calm the players and offer a positive emotional experience to them

Although Flower was not designed with mental health for players, its interest in peace and beauty was a treatment for a number of players. Louis Castro Garcia, who used a series of video games to fight his depression, wrote

"I remember reading an online article about someone who has a friend whose mother recently died because of cancer
The person in the article called his friend to play video games, to help him think about things
When the friend arrived, the person suggested that he play "Flower". The article explained how this person and his friend sat in silence, just enjoying the beauty and simplicity of the game, and sometimes looking for each other and smiling, and when the friend left, felt as if a weight had been removed from his chest

Flower is part of quiet silent games, such as Journey Games and Monument Valley. Their natural landscapes and quiet tones provide a respite for those who escape the hardships of life, as well as the widespread video games that are characterized by noise and violence

Release Date: May 7, 2015

Available on PC devices: Depression

SYM is a two-dimensional game, talking about Josh, who has designed a whole world inside him so he can deal with his acute illness, social anxiety

By crossing puzzles and exploring, you have to help Josh out of his shell and overcome his fears