The rapid and rapid development in the field of communication and information technologies related to the global network has influenced the way and way of life in most areas such as study, work, shopping and management, making the Internet a necessity and imperative for every individual or entity in the community such as banks and departments that use expensive systems To conduct its affairs

 As mentioned in a previous article on cybercrime, the misuse of electronic networks for criminal purposes negatively affects the privacy of individuals and the data of governmental bodies and organizations, in particular, and it costs a lot of material and moral losses, which necessitates large measures of immunity in addition to the sanctions imposed by countries The perpetrators of these crimes

Today we are talking about cybersecurity in which many countries, including Arab countries such as Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, have taken place in the last few days

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a set of technical, regulatory and administrative measures that are specifically used to prevent illegal use and misuse of electronic information by individuals and organizations to ensure the availability and continuity of information systems and to protect the confidentiality and privacy of personal data from cybercrime.

Precautions to be taken by individuals to confront cybercrime

Every individual in society should be aware of the seriousness of cybercrime and be an active player in awareness and guidance, provide a protected environment from the best protection programs and be warned of some of the fraud and fraud methods used by these criminal organizations in sniping his data or There are many topics in the Internet educational about this aspect, and the governments of countries to review the mechanisms of deterrence and strict laws against these attacks and the introduction of new systems and frameworks to protect the confidentiality and privacy of individuals And bodies