CS: GO is adding a new Royal War system called Danger Zone. In addition, the game with all its available systems is completely free

The game is dominated by the tactical character of the game. The goal is to use the intelligence and resources available to end the battle quickly, but there are some slightly different details about the other Royal games.

Each battle carries up to 16 players in the Singles system and 18 players in the Duos and Triple systems

Danger Zone has the same system of fire and the same amount of damage caused by weapons in all previous game systems

The duration of the matches is short, not more than 10 minutes, and certainly this is clear from the number of players in each game.
Each player has a special tablet device, which can be modified and developed, and this device can follow the movement of enemies on the map, and enter the shop to buy and sell weapons at any time.
Always start the game with only a knife, and when you buy weapons from the tab store, there is a flying robot that comes after a few seconds, and takes down what you asked for air

Other players can hit this automated and get the things that you're buying.
The resources left on the map are money, getting the money allows you to buy stronger and better weapons from the store, plus many other important things like armor.
You can choose your landing place before you go down to the battlefield

There is currently only one map called Blacksite
The map is divided into hexagonal cubes, and often aerial missiles are thrown at these places
Ammunition is very low in the game, even the weapons you buy contain very few ammunition.
If you play CS: GO before, all the colors carried by your weapons are automatically transferred to Danger Zone

For the system itself, it is fast and very enjoyable, even compared to the current games currently, the system in CS: GO has some features that make the game more exciting, most notably the presence of tablets, and the purchase of weapons

This means that you focus mainly on how other players maneuver, you will not have a problem with no weapons, or that someone will get you out of your mind, because all the information you know beforehand is what you need to be able to use the information available to you to achieve the best result. GO

For the other CS: GO systems, players will be divided into two groups: Prime and Non-Prime, players who have earned Prime by paying $ 15 for the game, they will be given preference in battles by getting better weapons, Battles

Now you can go to the Steam store and download your own version of CS: GO, and we guarantee you a fun time, full of excitement and difference from the games you currently have....