After several months of rumors, reports and leaks, the official details of the upcoming PlayStation 5 appeared

After the details revealed by Mark Cerny, the game designer and chief architect of PlayStation 4 in an interview with WIRED magazine, we have a lot of information about the next generation

In any case the official name of the device coming from Sony has not been confirmed yet, but so far we will continue to call the PlayStation 5 unless Sony had another opinion at the official launch

What makes things even more exciting is that the information in WIRED magazine has been officially confirmed by Sony

Sony Interactive Entertainment officially confirms the information in WIRED magazine about the next generation of the platform, which is a continuation of our efforts to make PlayStation the best place to play

SSD is the key to our next generation, our vision is to make download screens something of the past, enabling creators to build new and unique experiences in the field of play style

Although we are excited to share more details about the next generation of home gaming devices in the future, PlayStation fans have a lot of future exclusivity to look forward to on the PlayStation 4 platform, including Concrete Genie, Days Gone, Death Stranding, Dreams and Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II

After this official confirmation from Sony we gathered all the proven information about PlayStation