It's easy to play cooperative games online today with anyone anywhere around the world, but in the past, the subject has not been that easy

Playing online was done through modems and local networks, and when some of the games tried to make a game that could be played online like Ultima Online or Ever Quest, it was not without technical problems and challenges, but amidst all these obstacles, the classic game Diablo

In this article we restore our memories with the classic game Diablo when we first played, with the new version of the game, which was released on the gaming store GOG

With the reissue of Diablo, we found it an opportunity to talk about the things we liked in the game and how it affected the gaming industry in general

Back to the past with the classic Diablo game

Diablo was one of the most famous RPG and action games. It was the usual time to find things that were in Diablo, to customize and develop characters, to choose spells, equipment and weapons, but different in the game Diablo that everything was happening at the same time as playing games, Without any interruption or need to go to a particular weapons shop or place

Another thing that distinguished the game at the time was that the movement and all the commands and how to interact with the world were done through the mouse clicks of the computer, you could also customize the talismans and equipment to use through the buttons of computer numbers, as well as interactive words with friends such as helped me and things like that.

You can choose between three different characters: Warrior, Rogue, Sorcerer, which differ in different details such as power indicators (speed, number of life points, etc.) and some other statistics that depend on the amount of damage and the quality of weapons, equipment and gameplay, They do not only fight monsters, they think about how to use the abilities and plans to defeat these monsters with different fighting methods

Which made the game Diablo enjoyable and can be played many times, is the system of random missions, which allows each player to enter the tasks completely different from any other player when the game starts for the first time

There are a certain number of missions of course in the game, but assuming that there are 30 tasks in the game Diablo, the player who starts the game for the first time the opportunity to experience only 20 of them, and has to play again until he can see new missions and new characters did not have The opportunity to try it in the first play time

Most Dungeons maps in the game are randomly designed as well

The game contains sixteen different Dungeon randomly, not only to fight monsters, but with time can be seen some obvious differences, such as the presence of elements give you random characteristics Random Shrines during play, or the emergence of new types of monsters against all kinds of magic, which are increasing Difficulty with increasing the difficulty of the game

Increased difficulty also prevented the existence of doors and walls, which helped to reduce and limit the attack of multiple monsters

By talking about monsters, all this would not have been interesting had it not been for storytelling, and the exciting magical world that Diablo had created entirely from zero

Diablo's monsters have a special character, a variety, and a hierarchical system derived from the real legends of the demons and mythical monsters, each of which is followed by a wicked president like Mephisto King of Hate, Baal King of Destruction and others. The characteristics of the combat monsters and their defenses vary according to their type among the animals, the dead and demons