That's what Smarkets a London-based start-up betting firm, decided to discover after Pick your own pay - choose your paycheck, which allows its employees to choose the amount they want to pay and pay them for a salary or pay , According to Business Insider

When asked about this exceptional policy, Jason Trost, chief executive of the company, said there were pros and cons to this process. It is a crazy process, but it ultimately achieves results

Trost introduced this system about three years ago, and allowed employees to set their own payrolls in order to gain greater transparency in the work

At Smarkets, employees' salaries are not determined as a result of talks and negotiations with senior management. Each employee chooses the amount he wants to get as a salary, and the rest of his colleagues vote whether they think he deserves it or not

The salary of each employee is then posted within an internal network, and they are invited to renegotiate the value of their salaries twice a year

An emerging company that allows employees to choose the amount they wish to receive

«Jason Trost» CEO of «Smarkets» that allows employees to choose their salaries in an exceptional experience
At the start of the system, Smarkets reviewed salaries once a month, but Trost said it was too complicated. If you asked for a much larger amount of money than your colleagues, you might face rejection of your peers

While employees can not object to the salary of another employee, they can try to prevent it. The system works largely on the idea of ​​social consensus, meaning consensus, if you take the case on the basis of how much someone else gets and gets it to do the same job, you will have to face it directly

As for the disadvantages of this system, Trost says that early in the application of the system, a staff member doubled his wage as a kind of protest. In the end, the disgruntled employee settled on a salary of less than $ 40,000. To describe «Trost» incident as: annoying and waste of time

However, this approach to the selection of salaries and wages for staff allows for greater flexibility

I think it is a system that allows employees to be human beings. If someone needs to buy a house and wants a few thousand more, and you could give it to him, that's great

As confirms «Trost» establishment of the system has not been easy for everyone whether employees or managers, and say about this

It's really scary for everyone to be very transparent. People do not want to know how much their colleagues do; because they do not want to know if they produce more than they do. Managers do not want to do that either because they feel they will lose control

But is this the future of the negotiating salary? Trost thinks she probably is, he said

All this depends on the company itself. For smaller startups, the system may work, while it may be difficult for larger companies

If management has the courage to deal with ups and downs, it can be worth it, but there may be a trade-off