By 2020, many technologies will appear in different areas of life. Some of the technologies currently in the world today will have more applications in all aspects of life. The goal, of course, is to make life easier for people

The latest smart technologies

 5th generation smartphones

4G is not the end of the world. By 2020, fifth-generation mobile phones are expected to be available and available to the public. Of course, as the next-generation generation grows, the fifth-generation phones will become faster with less power consumption, It is a great solution to improve the functionality of smart phones and smart home appliances

 Self-driving cars

By 2020, autos will invade roads even though they still require a human driver, and expect further developments such as the ability to navigate through intersections and curve paths, when that time will be easier to control the car, allowing the driver to deal with complex situations

 Wireless home appliances

It is expected in the near future that smart home appliances will eliminate the use of batteries to work well, thanks to researchers at the University of Washington is developing a wonderful technology enables the tools to connect to energy transmitted by television and mobile phone or even the signal Wi-Fi

 Smart refrigerator

Refrigerators will work with a touch-screen interface that will make people's lives more comfortable and convenient. All you need to do is set up orders such as ordering the foods you need to prepare while the refrigerator owner relaxes on the couch

 Advanced VR glasses

These virtual reality glasses are believed to improve the entertainment industry while enhancing the 3D use of film and other viewing. The technology is already in place, but by 2020 the level of communication experience for public consumers is expected to be everywhere at the lowest cost

Electronic newspapers
It is expected that in 2020 the digital media source will be filled with advanced features. The paper will be made of OLED technology, which will be able to provide updated information by transferring images and text

 Voice recognition

Voice Recognition is a technology friendly to the disabled that is now used in many tools, but in the near future it becomes possible to move around the house by using voice commands

Night vision technology

Cars can take advantage of night-vision technology to prevent night-time accidents and obstacles along the way, as most cameras use this feature already and in the future can already be installed on the windshield AV

Air Purification Unit

It is expected that the next future will carry more pollutants that spread in the air, so the use of air purification unit will combat this problem


There will be a growing demand for remote monitoring of various diseases and telemedicine is the solution, and doctors are expected to be allowed to treat individuals effectively without having to go to clinics and hospitals