Apple began releasing AirPods 2 (version 2019) speakers to the public. The speakers also announced that Apple can last 5 hours of use in one shipment and up to 24 hours using the charger case which is the same as the battery numbers of the previous version of the speakers.
 But how about charging the speakers and the charging case ?! This article explains why

The speed and charging method in ApplePods 2 earphones

Some users of the new Apple AirPods 2 headphones analyzed the way they were shipped through the charger and cable attached to them and reached the following results

AirPods headphones charge the first three and a half minutes at a speed of 2.35 watts
Charging the speakers alone takes about 30 minutes

Fast shipping lasts for the first 10 minutes after which the charging power drops to 1.4 watts
AirPods and Charging Box Charging them together takes about two hours

When charging the speakers and the charger box together, the headphones have priority first until charging reaches 20%

The speakers and charging case charge up to 2.5 watts
Maybe for heat considerations caused by charging so using a stronger charger will not make the charging process faster

One of the experts dismantled the smart devices dismantled the new AirPods headphones and the purchase and pointed out that the crate contains a battery with a capacity of 1520 mAh and each battery headset with a capacity of 93 mA