Both Ober and Airbnb were part of the first generation of tech startups that quickly reached $ 1 billion. But the new generation, which is expected to succeed, looks very different

The $ 1 billion start-up companies, which in the past were as rare as the rhinoceros, are now so old and old that there is a new generation after them - a generation that looks very different

The Silicon Valley group of emerging technology companies, which include well-known companies such as Ober and Airbnb, has benefited from the widespread penetration of smartphones and cheap cloud computing. Many of these companies built global empires simply by taking advantage of existing businesses and services such as taxis, food delivery, hotels and support with technologies offered by smartphones. Some of these startups have become huge: Ober, for example, may be worth $ 120 billion this year

However, due to the maturity of these companies and their willingness to subscribe to the public offering, opportunities will be reduced to disrupt old-fashioned industries. Today, promising start-ups that may become single-horned companies carry names such as Pinshelling and Blind. It focuses heavily on software localization in certain industries such as farms, banks and companies of a scientific nature

According to analysis by CB Insights for The New York Times, a company that tracks venture capital and startups. CP Insights used multiple data - including the financial integrity, strength and size of the market the company serves - to identify 50 emerging companies that may be on their way to realize the value of $ 1 billion

Jason Green, an investor at Emergence, a venture capital firm investing in cloud software companies, says emerging software companies may seem boring, but many grow rapidly because industries such as agriculture require more software tools to adapt to the technical era

Says Christine Green, a venture capital specialist at Forerunner Ventures

It may not look as exciting as first-generation companies, but many industries are so huge that we need them in our lives and in our business, and they need to be updated

Other potential single-horn companies, such as Checkr and Earnin, collaborate with companies from the last generation of rhinoceros companies by providing services to them. CP Insights has also identified three emerging companies among young women - Glossier, Zola and Faire - as candidates to become single-horned companies

"Some of these companies may reach as little as $ 1 billion quickly, because the emerging rhinoceros companies are emerging faster than before," said Anand Sanwal, CEO of CP Insights. Funding up to $ 100 million or more at a time is common. Today there are 315 single-horn companies, compared with 131 in 2018

"If you are one of the owners of those companies that are very motivated, I know that investors will knock your doors because there are financial returns to invest in the next winning horse,

Let's look at some of the promising start-ups

Software for science, farm, money industry and more

 In the year of 2019, Sajith Wickramasekara founded the Wickramasekara company Bencheng Benchling. His goal was to face some of the personal frustrations he had encountered with the old technological tools he used in molecular biology laboratories at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology when he was a student

San Francisco, Pennsylvania, has begun a program that allows laboratory scientists to replace paper notes with searchable records that are stored in a cloud. In this way, scientists have become more able to use records to collaborate with each other. Mr. Vikramasikara explained that young researchers were in dire need of such tools

"Software has been localized in many different aspects of the economy, but it has not done the same thing in the scientific field," says Caesar Mola Fairuz, head of marketing at Pinchling