CPA is the abbreviation for cost per action, which means pay per action. In short, the CPA is to achieve what the offer requires in order to get the money, for example some offers require loading, others require registration, and offers vary and vary from one offer to another

What are the best CPA companies

CPA companies are many and varied but these are the best and most famous

If you are a beginner, stay away from these three companies mentioned "maxbounty- peerfly - neverblue" because whatever you do you will not get an account in these companies
If you are a beginner, you should recommend these companies "adscendmedia - cpagrip" and you will be accepted easily
How do I get an account with these CPA companies? Here's the solution

When you enter a site at the top and when registering you will be asked to put some of your photos, including the following

Enter your correct personal information Preferably the email will be in this form There is no problem if you use normal mail like Gmail

If you are asked to enter your personal site, leave it blank, or if it is required, type
In the Do you have previous experience with CPA companies type

 I subscribed to many CPA companies: Cpaway, Adscendmedia, Offervault and Never Blue Ads. I make $ 250 ~ $ 300 per day. And now i want work with your network to have many offers 

If you are a newbie, write "I am a newbie but I have a lot of courses in the CPA field and I want to start and I'm serious and I invest about $ 100 a day and write it in English

In the How to Shop for Offers tab type
I do not have a website to promote offers because i do not like SEO and web development and i do not have a mailling list. So i invest money to promote offers