Many pubg players try to get the best equipment and weapons to meet their opponents and stay on top when it comes to war hardware. The Pubg game includes a variety of weapons and tools (such as power packs, blood retrieval, and some costumes and disguises) Which you can find in any place and the rare ones that can not be used or obtained only one or two in a round

One of the developers of Pubg said in a video explaining how the game and its maps were made. The best places to get the best equipment from fashion and weapons are located in semi-detached or historical and antique places in Pubg which have old monuments. The best equipment in these places, and by a large percentage you will find everything you need in those areas, unlike the houses or known areas, they only include normal equipment and rarely provide excellent equipment, so next time in Peggy if you want to win the tour, make sure to land In historical places or caves because they are better for you

 Use the Dacia in Pubg

The Dacia is one of the most powerful vehicles in Pubg that players are recommended to drive during the long haul, but why? What are the reasons that make it so

There are many reasons why this is the best car in Pubg, first the space and number of places, many vehicles and the means of exploration in the game of Baji comes with the possibility of carrying two to three only, and only the largest cars capable of carrying the whole team, the car Dacia of Among them, they can carry the entire team. But when we talk about speed, this car is very fast and powerful in terms of protection, but there is a profit strategy in the game Pubg uses the car Dacia to win the tour, the car is completely covered and can not lead to contact only when you get out of the car or after the breakdown Of course, so next time you see this car in the Pubg game, feel free to drive it to the Zone Center

 Hidden Island in Pubg

Because Pubg comes in the style of the Battle Royale or Battle Royale it is difficult to take our time and explore Pubg and its own places, and we may go directly to a group of places or areas known in the game, so the developers of the game of Peggy to give us some of the Easter Eggs in The game is like a hidden island, and as we noted in the first information, such areas and places are full of rare and powerful equipment

Some players of the game who prefer to reveal their secrets have discovered that in the special version of the game in the game of Peugeot (it is still not available in other versions) it finds some remote and hidden part that can be accessed by swimming or by boat and have highlighted that gear or Loot The game players prefer to call it very strong and exclusive in the game, if you are a fan and players of the game on the computer, Trit in some rounds and take some time to explore maps without trying to win in the game, it is the rest of the console and such a copy of the phone from Pubg

 The Safe Zone is the worst place for Loot

When the 100 players jump at once to get weapons, life jackets, helmets, etc., you may think that everyone has their luck in these tools and that luck may be on your side sometimes and may be against you at other times. If you want to improve Your luck is more, this is very useful information to get the best hardware in the game Pubg. Do not go to the Safe Zone during landing. It is obvious that landing in the middle of the game or in safe places may not reach the Zone until after a long period of play means that the equipment there will be weak or medium and you may have to search the entire city in order to get A third level bulletproof vest If luck is on your side, here we give you this golden tip, jump at the edges of the map, where the Zone may get closer to it with stronger and better gear, you should also be fast in the Loot process during landing So as not to fall victim to the latter