There are a lot of advertisers who do not know how to market their product or want to increase their customers and therefore resort to the e-market publisher - which is now - to help them to do so in return for a certain percentage of profit commission commission and they create a link to the dedicated tracking link Petroija and when the purchase process through get the commission agreed and known as the affiliate marketing and now see that the advertiser paid this commission or cost for the purchase of any CPS, ie cost per sale

But the owner of the product can also benefit from customers who have registered on the site but did not make the purchase, he will try to communicate with them until they convince the purchase process and ask the e-marketer to help only bring visitors to the site are only registered on the site and pay you for that and this is the cost for Register any CPL or Cost per lead

But also not only that, but wants to help the e-marketer to bring visitors to download and install the application on the mobile CPI Cost per install or help in obtaining the potential customer's mobile number and other data and pay them and know the event or action

We assume that you want to buy a new mobile and know that you can get a much better price when you buy from the Internet and found a YouTube video shows you the cheapest price for this mobile and advise you to buy from the site on the Aliexpress Express, of course provides the lowest price possible and tell you that the link to buy mobile at the bottom of the description The video also advised you to install the mobile application on the Express, so you can buy easily after that and also link below the video you clicked the link below the video and went to the site and you purchased the phone and then installed an application on the Express on your mobile and of course the owner of the video is a participant in the marketing programCommission for the site Express thus obtained a commission in exchange for your purchase - Affiliates, - and also a commission in exchange for the application of your download - CPA

Before you know my dear brother on the best CPA sites you should know that CPA sites and networks are divided into two types. The first type allows beginners to register and most of the CPA offers do not limit the source of traffic. Professionals who have certain conditions to be accepted as they require you to certain traffic sources should be used, but will clarify some things you can do to ensure your acceptance in any network CPA

The best cpa sites are the best CPA sites that accept beginners

You can register in these sites without conditions, which is one of the best cpa sites and reliable only go to the site and record the required data from the name, address, e-mail and website, and if you do not have a site, add the link to your Facebook page or your channel link on YouTube or even a link domain You are not linked to the site will not review the site with cpagrip or cpalead but with the admadad you must have a YouTube site or channel for being reviewed when you submit to participate in the existing programs of the site and of course you must have a special site or mailing list or marketing plan distinctive to join Cpa sites Others that do not accept beginners

And of course, the best to register in the three sites for the variety of offers and tools among them as you will know then when you explain these sites in detail and that you want to create a site or buy vps you can refer to the top 10 global hosting companies and also how to get the best vps

Second, the best CPA sites for professionals and those with previous experience
Third, review CPA networks and explore CPA offers
 You can use the following sites to know more about secured sites and the best as you know the latest and best offers on most sites cpa It contains an evaluation of each network cpa and opinions of users about this network