The smartphone market around the world is forecasting the biggest companies to offer folding phones in 2019, amid expectations of a highly competitive competition in the smartphone market

Al Ain Newsletter will showcase the most promising folding smart phones expected in 2019


By the end of 2018, the South Korean company unveiled its collapsible smartphone at a developer conference held in San Francisco

During the conference, Samsung explained that its new device is based on a technology called Infinity Flex, and switches from a tablet to a phone by folding both ends of the screen

According to information available on the new device, the measurement of the internal screen is 7.3 inches, and external 4.5 inches, and depend on the OLED technology used in the latest Samsung phones and iPhone developed by Apple

The company plans to make 1 million copies of its folding phone in 2019 at a price starting at $ 1770


The Chinese company and the first competition for Samsung, it is working on the production of a mobile phone 5G 5-fold foldable, which allows faster Internet access

According to the leaks, the Huawei folding device is based on two screens, the first is an 8-inch interior and the other is a 5-inch external, which means that its design is similar to the Samsung phone but on a slightly larger screen


It is known that the American company does not talk about its future products, as it is usual that there are no leaks of these devices only a short time before the official announcement

Apple recently won a patent for a folding screen device, which means waiting for quite a while to move to the actual manufacturing stage, with several reports predicting the arrival of the new device to market by 2020


The leading provider of flexible displays is expected to unveil its collapsible phone at the Barcelona Mobile Conference in February

The company submitted to the European Rights Protection Commission a request to register the Foldi name on its folding phones


Lenovo's subsidiary has patented a retractable phone, with Apple's own design

The Motorola is based on a 6.5-inch screen, with a joint in the middle allows the two sides of the phone screen to be folded inward, but the date of the market is not yet announced