Day after day, Amazon's impact on the business world continues to change completely, forcing a wide range of companies to reconcile their reality with the reality created by Amazon through its online trading platform

Among them was IKEA. The Swedish furniture manufacturer, the world's largest furniture retailer, seems to have a problem: not keeping pace with the development of the digital world. So, in the midst of falling sales, breaking the status quo, announcing a shift in business model, According to the chairman of the company's board: almost everything changed

This shift brought significant changes, such as: ambitious plans to transform IKEA into a multi-channel brand where customers can shop online, store in cities and shopping malls, make changes in store planning, and make greater investments in home delivery

With the introduction of several new services, such as the furniture rental experience, the repair of damaged products, the sale of spare parts and the sale of used furniture to the store, after obtaining an online quote, as part of a strategic shift from 2019 to 2021

In fact, the IKEA Genius plan will help rival Amazon, a startup company, offering a model for novice entrepreneurs, and any company of any size can learn from it. So here we will present 5 important lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from the battle of IKEA and Amazon

Five lessons in entrepreneurship can be inspired by the rivalry between IKEA and Amazon
«IKEA» Vs «Amazon» and five dors for entrepreneurs

Lesson One: The right person in the right place

To implement that transformation, in April of 2018, IKEA Barbara Martin Coppola, as the company's digital president. They have created this position in an ad hoc manner where it has not existed before, and have given it all the power to implement its ambitious plans to design and deliver the necessary reform, and the company's ambitious plans to keep abreast of the changes Amazen has made in the retail world

Barbara Martin Coppola is appointed to lead IKEA's digital transformation

Choosing a person like Coppola in this position to lead IKEA's digital transformation is a very good choice because it comes from this digital world, knows the power of engineering and artificial intelligence, and the importance of making decisions correctly quickly and continuously. Any company that wants to compete in the space to meet the needs of customers, it must be at the same level of speed and efficiency to serve customers in the best way possible, such as technology companies

Coppola has 20 years of experience in technology. Previously, she worked as an engineer and spent some time at Texas Instruments, Samsung and GrubHub, as well as seven years marketing in Google and YouTube. Its team currently manages IKEA's website, digital initiatives at the store and all the technologies used by the company, such as supply chains, data and marketing

Lesson 2: Make your company Phygital physical and digital together

The Phygital is a new term devised by Barbara, to deliver values ​​and a sense of shopping from IKEA across a mix of physical stores and digital presence. Note that this is not just an in-store and online sale. In fact, 10% of IKEA sales come from the Internet

It's about having the magical experience of visiting Ikea's shop, touring, moving, even improving and delivering them online, to create truly magical new experiences.

For example, the company is now planning to launch the IKEA Place e-commerce application. IKEA did not offer a specific release date for launch, but said it will come to specific markets this year

It is an application of enhanced reality AR, allowing the customer to imagine how the furniture will fit in his home. It will also make customized personal recommendations according to its wishes and needs, based on the information they have about each client. Of course, the customer can then click to buy the product

Imagine that you want to equip your living room, IKEA know your taste, dimensions and room sizes, then the company through digital tools can help you design that space, so that the product is ready according to your taste and requirements, all of which you did not move from your main sofa

There are too many brands that have designed a digital interface to add to their physical outlets, but here in Ikea the situation is different. I've combined the charm of the shopper into its storerooms, Making it just a digital interface, but also a good experience for everyone

It is true that Amazon is in a rising trend and seems to dominate the Internet world, but the Phygital experience is still largely unknown to it. IKEA's current endeavors, particularly in the area of ​​enhanced reality, are very interesting

Lesson 3: Know your customer and study it well

IKEA invests in what is known as personalization at scale or customization on a large scale, planning to harness all the information it collects to fully customize its offerings, allowing it to send highly targeted and targeted communications to potential customers based on what they have learned online

For example, when a customer buys beds, he spends nearly two weeks searching online. So, there is a lot of information that Ikea can assemble, which we can use to be relevant to that person at the time; so that you can meet his desires and needs in the product he wants to buy