Marketing is one of the biggest challenges many small businesses need to overcome. The biggest secret of marketing is that it is not a brain surgery, but it takes time, effort and hard work. There are specific low-cost strategies that any company can implement successfully, it's just a matter of knowing what those strategies are and continuing to work for them

Marketing is no longer just propaganda on paper, a piece of cloth, or even a television or radio commercial program, or newspaper and newspaper advertisements. It has become much more developed and advanced. It has become one of the most important areas for improving corporate performance

Marketing plays a key role in the success of any business or product - be it a commodity, a service or an idea - that you provide. Therefore, it is one of the top priorities of any company in general

However, marketing is a science that has not received its share of interest in the Arab world, so most people find it confused with the sale or advertising, which are only two functions of marketing

Whether you are a beginner entrepreneur or a small and medium-sized business owner, you certainly do not wish to close your start-up, small and start-up businesses because of poor marketing. So, you should study and learn the secrets of effective marketing, even if you are not a marketing specialist

Personal Marketing Guide

Here comes the book Secrets of Power Marketing, one of Canada's best selling business books, first published in 2000, and serves as a personal guide for individuals to market themselves and their businesses

Secrets of Power Marketing

The book focuses primarily on the category of start-ups and entrepreneurs, owners of SME managers, and online influencers who want to achieve more effective results by clarifying many strategies that can be relied upon and done to increase their business competitiveness

It teaches you that your company's marketing strategy should never have a high cost and budget because you can save a lot of money if you follow some of the secrets and tactics offered by the book

Here is the presentation of the book's main ideas, presented by co-author George Torok, on Slideshare

The book is a seamless, easy to read and follow-up. Reading is like talking to an enlightened and knowledgeable business person. It provides excellent advice for entrepreneurs who want to develop sustainable relationships with their customers and learn how to market their business by marketing themselves better

It offers you practical tips for marketing yourself, your products and services, many of the hidden secrets and effective marketing techniques, and a lot of strategies that contribute to increasing the brand's reach; to maximize the results possible at the lowest cost

The authors also narrate personal stories, examples, suggestions and quotations to explain interactive marketing strategies

The book chapters begin with the marketing process by developing perceptions that affect the company's location, such as the company's image, mission data and personal images. It walks the reader through various techniques that can be used to market a small business

The authors explained that the first step in conscious marketing is the art of making consumers aware that what they offer is available and ready for consumption. If you have something great, but you do not express it properly, you will not succeed

Then comes the value as a next step. Value is what makes a person buy something or get it from someone else because he realizes that it represents a greater value when used