Apple has officially released iOS 12.3.1 Update, a minor sub-update designed to fix some bugs and issues in iOS and is now available to everyone

Launch iOS update 12.3.1

IOS 12.3.1 Update can now be downloaded in the traditional way by going to Settings> General> System Update

The most important issues that iOS 12.3.1 fixes are fixes

Fixed the inability to make or receive calls over 4G VoLTE networks
Resolve the problem of seeing messages from unknown contacts while activating the message filter

Solve the problem of not being able to report messages from unknown contacts

There are no new features added by the update to the system, just those minor fixes

This update was a bit surprising because Apple did not first release any developer versions of the software as opposed to what is known and known, and it probably relied on the reactions of users who discovered these problems and reported them

Apple less than two weeks ago launched iOS 12.3 update, which came with the new Apple TV application