A new technology report revealed that Apple plans to launch a phone for iPhone that supports the next generation of the fifth generation network by 2020

The company will launch iPhone phones with the Intel 8161 chip, which supports the fifth generation networks, in 2020, and is currently testing an 8060 chip, developed for test purposes, Fast Company quoted an unnamed Apple source as saying


The development of this category of phones faces the challenges of the high temperature caused by the processing of waveforms (ranging from 30 to 300 GHz), which will depend on the carriers, to connect the phones supporting the new generation of the network


In addition to rising heat, developers working on the fifth-generation network are facing another problem of battery life, where transient heat is stored in the battery's electrical energy

Apple has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission to test the waveform technology to join competing companies such as Huawei and Samsung, which has already announced its intention to introduce devices supporting the fifth generation networks next year, so that by then available two or three of this generation in parts From the United States, as well as networks in some cities around the world