The game of Peggy or PUBG has earned a fantastic reputation among all the players in the world, whether they are interested in the game or little interest in it. The game of Peggy has given players around the world something new, something that may not have been provided by other games before, In modes now, many of us are now playing and playing on this game, whether it's a PC game or a game for mobile, both are very professional in order to make you indulge a lot in it

However, most of the players who practice PUBG relentlessly do not realize many of the information, and often found their friends or colleagues in the game, and then started to try and started playing them, until the game became a game of addictive and enjoyable game at the same time Without even looking a little in the history of the game or to identify some interesting information around.

In this article we will give you a helping hand to see 10 information about the famous game of Peugeot, information that may be amazing and fun and sometimes terrifying 😅, but it will be liked by every lover of this game, and may increase your love more for this game, and do not forget also If you like this information, you can share it with your friends on social networking sites so that all the Arabs in the flyer will understand this beautiful information

 What is PUBG

Before we get to know the beautiful information about this game, we first define the PUBG game and its features and how it differs from the rest of the games. PUBG is a game available on the computer and computer on a paid basis and is also available for smart phones for free, And you can play it free on the computer also in several ways there are two types of the game normal and Lite, and now become Bgi Lite available for free play on the computer as well

The game is a game of survival or Survival, where 100 people are gathered in a specific map of the game maps, can play individually or play with a dedicated team, at the start all players start from scratch no weapons, no ammunition and sometimes No clothes, and then you have to land in a specific area. Collecting ammunition, weapons, clothes, whatever you see is usable to create yourself. Then you have to go to a specific point. If you do not, You will encounter the other 99 players, you have to eliminate each enemy in order to win the game

This is a game of peugeot, whether its idea is fun or not, it has been a great success for all the platforms, let us introduce you to a collection of amazing information about this game

 Information you do not know about the game currently known as PUBG

Learn about the founder of the PUBG game

Do you have a clue about the PUBG game designer? If you are using software, a computer, a program or even a platform, you have to first take an idea of ​​the people behind that achievement, so that you know their minds better and how to get that idea, that's exactly what you need to know in this paragraph, Video games in the world now. This is our friend Brendan Greene, who is the founder and developer of a 43-year-old Peggy game. He is an Irishman. He was not the first game of Peugeot, but he made many games under his own intellectual property but often failed. PUBG has been a great success for its fame and richness. With the launch and fame of the Peggy game within four months, Brendan has reached a fortune of $ 200 million, an amount that may increase with time and with more and more PUBG fame

When you win the game or win your team, you see the phrase "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner". The meaning of this phrase is hundreds of years ago, especially when hunger and poverty were threatening humanity. Many people would meet to gamble and gamble. The winner of the gambling game is the Winner, Chicken Dinner, that is, he will finally get his dinner with the chickens because of his profit for some money in the game. Gambling, but this term has not disappeared, as it is still used today in the world of gambling, especially in Las Vegas, where the winning winner in the game of gambling: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner as a metaphor for winning at that table gambling. The developers of PUBG have included this plot in the game as a kind of change or a kind of show of winning privilege in this game on previous games that tell you that you just won, Congratulations to you, a beautiful touch of developers in fact