Reading exotic Swedish words for IKEA product names is part of the unique shopping experience of Ikea. Inside the labyrinth of elegant packed furniture, there is a collection of prominent and printed inscriptions on walls and signs. Where IKEA has a very specific system to label its products, the Swedish company has more than 12,000 products, and each product has a unique name that may seem strange and mysterious at first, but there is in fact a fixed product naming system

Every name means something, often in a funny or childish way. When Ikea became a global supermarket chain, they decided to use the same Swedish names everywhere. In addition to practical use, product names have become an important part of the fun of going to IKEA. It makes it seem as if it is little more than the European spirit in the place, which appeals to the global market

This is logical from the point of view of an organizational managerial mentality, but it deprives most shoppers in the world of the pleasure and joy of recognizing the meaning of the name

IKEA products

How does the IKEA product label work

What most shoppers do not know is that the names of those 12,000 products correspond to the strict internal logic that gives a glimpse of Scandinavian culture; so, while they may seem strange at first sight, the names of these products are very familiar there as meaning

For the most part, IKEA is committed to naming its products after appending the names of people, towns and villages in the Scandinavian countries, as well as some Swedish words
For example

Libraries and bookshelves were named professional occupations such as Expedit, which means store keeper, or boy names as Billy's best-selling bookstore, named after the employee in IKEA Billy Likjedhal
The outer pieces of furniture were named after the Scandinavian islands, such as pppplarö, an island in the Stockholm archipelago
Carpets are named after cities and towns in Denmark or Sweden, such as products
 Ddum, Stockholm and Silkeborg. Where the Kattrup rug was named after this small Danish town
Fabrics, curtains and upholstery were in women's names
Bed linen and bed linen were the names of flowers and plants, as Häxört is a herb in the spring flower family
John Karlsson, Design Director of IKEA, explained that the products are named after a specific Swedish word chosen based on the type of product. He confirmed that the company has a skilled team that is tasked with assigning names from the Swedish word database to choose product names, avoiding words that may have offensive meanings in other languages

Carlson says designers sometimes get creative names for what they design, but the naming committee usually follows a clearly defined plan. With some exceptions. Where some products are given names in a vibrant way to indicate more about their functions. For example, in the kitchen section, there is a spice mill called Krossa, which means crushing or grinding in Swedish

What is the secret behind IKEA products

Perhaps I thought that IKEA product names were random choices, used to make furniture look more Swedish than it is, but there are actually some reasons behind it. The reason for the strange names on the products, was at the request of the founder of the late IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, who developed the rules of naming himself

As a result of his dyslexia, a learning disorder, it is difficult to remember the order of item symbols from the numbers and letters of the products, so he simplified them - usually the products are given random numbers and letters - by choosing the real names. Where it was easier to remember, and it is difficult to make mistakes when filling out information on forms

The name IKEA itself, is only a shortcut to Ingvar, Kamprad, Elmtaryd (his family farm) and Agunnaryd (village in Småland where he grew up). In addition to simplifying the stock of 389 stores around the world, the Swedish home furnishings series uses the same name for its products in all its markets rather than doubling the number of names and creating useless clutter by changing names