If you buy a used phone, you need to install this app to see if the phone is in good condition or not

 We will explain the application of TestM as it is a revolutionary application that verifies smart phones to know the status of hardware and technical problems that are working on both Android and Apple devices

The application also offers smart phone users a very important feature to know the problems of any used phone you may want to buy in order to be repaired or to check if everything is in good condition or not

If you want to use the application, it is very easy to use. When you open the application, you will be given the option of either a quick test or a full phone test. If you choose one of the two options as you wish, the application will check your phone. In good condition and worth buying or not
Apply TestM to check the status of used phones before selling or buying

The application of TestM helps you to know the status of your device, or any smart phone you want to buy if it is used, and get a comprehensive report about it, relying on advanced technology to check the phone and detect any failures Existing and monitored in one report.

What does TestM offer

The first and comprehensive application to know the status of used phones
Check thoroughly and thoroughly in less than 5 minutes
Support over 6500 smartphones
Very useful when selling your used phone or want to buy a used phone as well

How does the TestM application work

 It is very simple, just download it on your iPhone or any Android phone, then select the items to be checked: camera, sound, screen, etc., or all of them, then the application will check and when finished will give you a report on the status of the device, Your device in the event that any problem is received in it

Apply TestM to check the status of used phones before selling or buying

The benefit of applying TestM to anyone interested in buying a used phone

Ask the seller to use the TestM application for a comprehensive phone report
The application will provide you with a comprehensive report on the device specifications, as well as its full status

You will protect yourself from fraud or any hidden failures that the seller did not know
The phone can be evaluated according to its condition and the appropriate amount paid

Will protect you from buying a corrupt phone

The benefit of applying TestM to those who sell used phones

Selling your phone with the application application TestM will ensure reliability
Signick TestM application report for many buyers questions
You will receive customer confidence and will ensure the sale of fault-free or fault-free phones at the right value