It may be difficult to access any platform in the gaming world, or wait for a new title without going through "Battle Royale", which has become the most popular since 2017, namely after the launch of the game "Player of the Knockout" (PUBG) Which was developed in the studios "Bluehole" Korean

But what exactly did it look like, how could it be that the PUBG game that started the whole thing, and broke a lot of numbers, would make it like a quasi-dead game on the Steam platform, and that other games would also take their place strongly after the first game of Peggy

This is what we will try to talk about in the following lines

Brendan Greene, now known as PlayerUnknown, is the PUBG player who was the game's designer and the basic idea he started as a side-effect in previous games, which was not very successful since it was not primarily developed to match the Battle Royale style

Brendan or PlayerUnknown first started his journey with ARMA 2, developing a style under the name of Battle Royale which he said took the name and the main idea from the Japanese film of the same name Battle Royale, launched in 2000, In the movie as a side-by-side in ARMA 2, which also transferred it to ARMA 3, which did not receive the desired success in its time significantly

 This is because the game is basically not set out from the roots to match the style that Brendan tried to develop, which developed the same style in DayZ, a life-saving game in an open world after being invaded by the zombie, The name DayZ: Battle Royale in 2013, which, as in previous games did not receive the attention required on time also, that in 2016 launched the H1Z1 project: King of the Kill of the game of H1Z1: Just Survive, which was developed by "Daybreak" Which Brendan worked on separately, which allowed him to design a complete system of the game "Battle Royale" which made the game spread like Per-player and the game got a fairly wide fame, due to its unique system of previous versions being well built to be a successful Battle Royale game

The beginning of the PUBG game

At the same time as Brendan was working on all these names, he had contracted with the studio "Bluehole" Korean, who worked with them since 2014 to develop a complete game under the name of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, which lasted 3 years to come out in its first version in 2017 on Steam platform, Under the "Advance Access" system or "Early Access" system, which allows developers to publish games that are still under development

PUBG was completely different from the other names presented in the same styles because it was originally designed as a Battle Royale game. At the beginning of the game, the game was widely recognized among the players, which made the game get the most active players on the " Steam "in unprecedented record time in 2017 after and as the most watched game on the platform" Twitch ", which also won the award of the best game group in the first year 2017