Success and failure

Google has launched many exciting new technologies this year, but in parallel with this success, the company was also the center of several differences and failures in 2018

Just before 2019, we looked back at the highlights, low lights, across the whole last year of the life of a search giant on the Internet

We always start with successes, devices and applications that Google has been able to work to change the form of human use of modern technologies and facilitate the things of their daily lives

Google Successes in 2018

Google Home Hub

One of the most prominent Google introduced for the first time this year, which is a separate smart device, can control all the smart home appliances, where you do not need to open a million different applications, this device can show you information in the blink of an eye

Google put the device for sale in some markets for $ 130

Tablet Pixel Slate

Also this year, Google unveiled a new Tablet PC manufactured under the name Pixel Slate, which contains a wonderful screen, and dual speakers front, 8-megapixel cameras, and fingerprint sensor

Google sells the new tablet competing with the iPad Pro, at a price starting from $ 600, and sells the panel writing separate price of $ 200 and pen writing at $ 100

Smart Compose

In 2018, Google introduced the Smart Compose technology in Gmail Mail, the company's most popular product ever, a modern technology that uses automated learning and predictive text to automatically complete your Gmail messages

Larger functions for the Google Assistant

Google Assistant also made great strides through 2018, where you can now have continuous conversations with the helper, he can now analyze multiple commands in one sentence, he's more natural than ever before, and you can choose from a bunch of new sounds

Call Screen technology

In 2018, Google introduced the new Call Screen feature of Pixel 3, which uses Google's digital assistant to handle phone calls on your behalf, thus preventing spam calls from you

Android P

Of course, the most prominent and most important successes of Google in 2018 is the introduction of the new Android 9, which was called Google name Android Pie and is characterized by the light and direct design and dozens of new features for lovers of the system open source

Google failures in 2018
On the other hand, the search giant was exposed to many problems and failures throughout the year, the following are the main headlines of the frustrations of Google in 2018

Search engine in China is watching users

Google seems to have built a censored search engine in China, quietly gathering data from people in the country and bringing it to the authorities there

Fortunately, Google's rejection of the idea has led to the cancellation of the project

Google is accused of monopoly

The European Union imposed a $ 5 billion fine on Google in July 2018 for antitrust violations to abuse its role as a dominant player in the industry to suppress competition

A prominent black spot in the 2018 record of the search giant

Google is accused of not combating sexual harassment within the company

In November 2018, thousands of Google employees worldwide went out of their jobs after a bomb published by the New York Times in a detailed report on how the company was protected for executives accused of sexual harassment and misconduct

Google Plus

In October Google announced it had made a decision to close its social network Google Plus after the discovery of an old gap that caused leaking data about half a billion users

Google said in its statement that it hid the order of the security breach after it was discovered not to defame the company at the time