Although it is just a game; but it has captured the minds of many adults and young people, and wasted time with young people, adolescents and children; to become a person after the game to addicted killer and bloodthirsty; which prompted some countries to warn of the danger of PUBG "PUBG" In Egypt to warnings from Iraq, Jordan and the UAE, and remains the most important question: what about the opinion of the concerned authorities

The game "PUBG" is one of the most dangerous games that must be observed, especially for children, teenagers and young people. It is no less dangerous than the game of Mary, the Blue Whale, Fortnight, etc., as life-threatening games; educational, psychological, health, social and security

Nothing is more difficult than confronting an enemy who infiltrates your home through the Internet, which is no longer impossible, especially as it relates to all aspects of life. The dangers of electronic games have been increased, wasting time in children, adolescents and young people, capturing personal lives and some of their money, Until they become professional hackers who choose their victims remotely. The danger is that they allow users to identify strangers, make friends through hidden networks, exploit them to identify multiple things, or attract them to shameful acts that violate their customs and traditions and encourage them to be aggressive and NF, in addition to many risks and educational, psychological, health and social damage; which requires collective action to preserve the future generation

 "PUBG" is a 4-character recapitulating reality that swings between addiction and escape on the one hand, and fun and fun on the other. There are many theories and methods of explanation. The reality remains that the generation of children, adolescents and young people is threatened at various levels; whether it is the weapon culture or the ideas that are planted within it about resorting to battles and wars to achieve the triumph of victory from the instinct of survival.


 PUBG is not a unique game; it is a style of fighting games and shooting games known as the famous Counter Strike and others, but in the game PUBG players are fighting a single system or team system of 100 players online from different places in the world, and will not survive Only one player! They are all enemies