Are you a fan of very simple games that come with a normal old design? Today we will introduce you to the game Duper Bros! Which will provide you with all that

Game Duper Bros! For all lovers of classic games fun

And because it's a classic game, Duper Bros! It comes with a classic design, as it is based on old-fashioned graphics, as it was in the Nintendo games, ensuring that the children of the old generation or even those unfamiliar with these games have fun and entertainment through simplicity in design

The game is very simple, but it has great challenges, you will have to jump from one side to another, and get the magic pieces that will increase your strength and ensure you get high points to win the challenge

But do not forget that there are some evil enemies to be careful of, so any movement you do will be calculated accurately, taking into account the physical laws of each movement and be careful to move in time and in the appropriate way and jump as well


Works on iPhone 6s and iPads Pro version iOS 11.0

Size on Apple devices: 9.5 MB


Programmer: Konstantinos Papadakis
Price: $ 1.99

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