The latest games, launched by EA just weeks ago and is sweeping the world, Apex Legends has broken many records since its inception and managed to collect more than 10 million players in its first week only! It is now one of the fiercest games of Battle Royal, in which many games compete

 We have already provided a detailed explanation of the game Apex Legends from here for those who want to identify them. Start playing at Apex Legends by choosing your character and team. There are many teams or personalities such as Outlaws, Soldiers, Misfits and Misanthropes. Each character has its own abilities and custom weapons, after selecting your character and entering your team. You have to stay alive for as long as possible in every run of the game

 If you can reach that goal you will get the title Legend or Legend, the game is a game from the perspective of the first person and the typical game of their own is not very different from the gameplay of Bagee and Fortnight and other similar games. This definition is used to explain Apex Legends, its special abilities and gameplay, and if you have already played it you will have a more in-depth idea of ​​the game. Apex Legends are available for free to play and are currently available on the computer and the xBox One and are not yet available on smartphones.

 Compare Apex Legends, Fortnite and PUBG

Apex Legends will provide you with free games on the computer platform or Xbox One, unlike the game of Peggy paid on the computer (except if you want to play a game in Fiji) The Apex Legends game provides you with a great number of fictional characters and fantasy weapons, which may be better than weapons and Fortnite characters relatively, not to mention updates of areas, maps and transport. In the enemy cuff we find Fortnite, which distinguishes the game from the previous two games is the flirting graphic suitable for all ages, and the movements of the characters, and the building and immunization not found in the previous two games, making the possibility of creativity is always available. On the other hand comes the Baji, which surpasses the previous two games in realism, they do not have dances of toys and no weapons Laizer, but real characters and real weapons and areas of the game also distinctive, it is like the real war in the game of Baji Unlike Vortnite and Apex Legends 

So what should you play

Our judgment on all tastes is based on one taste. We find that all players enjoy playing only one game. However, the three games have their own players and fans, but your choice of the game should be based on: * If you like unrealistic realistic games, weapons Real, real contact with people and goal in the game, the game is best for you is a game PUBG and you may find that other games such as Fortnite or Apex Legends childish and inappropriate for you

 If you are a fan of creativity and construction, experience everything new, constantly modify your personality and add new features, Fortnite will be perfect for you. * If you like to combine creativity and a little logic, and the experience of new things, to see the many personalities of each character characteristics and weapons and stereotyping play and would like to try all and extract the best, Apex Legends game permission for your favorite game. And you ? What is your favorite game among these games? Do you prefer to play games other than these? We've shared your comments