The iPhone almost went out of style, and I almost say because of the recent releases that many iPhone products have fallen in popularity. Everyone seems to be focusing more on the features that we want instead of the very cold and touch screen
Sure, the touch screens are no longer going away, but we do not deny that they dazzled us at one time, but now we need to reinvent the cell phone with new and innovative ideas to shine again

Designer Hiromi Kiriki decided

To take on a new challenge, which is to create what can be a cell phone model 2020 phone that everyone will want, and surprisingly

 It has many features that make it more than sexual, such as the three-dimensional keyboard, the bending of the screen "LED" and the truly innovative nano-scale screen that will change the way we see movies and pictures in general, imagine being able to use the panel The keys while driving, and you are still able to see the way in front of you, are nothing spectacular

Although it looks quite futuristic, some design ideas like the Sony logo are very ugly, but they still have enormous potential. It has been predicted that all the technologies to build this cell phone will be available in 2020. Now all we have to do is wait impatiently