In the midst of an overwhelming technical defeat, Wall Street reversed gains as major tech stocks plummeted, and the US stock market's most important indexes turned red during the year on their way to closing in the red zone in 2018, raising concerns about slower growth and trade tensions

The Nasdaq composite index of high-tech shares fell 2.5% in early trade, nearing its lowest level in seven months, while the S & P 500 fell 1.8%. The Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 2%, or nearly 500 points

After the five-tech FANG group - Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google alphabet - lost more than $ 1 trillion in market capitalization from their latest highs on Tuesday

Shares of the FAANG Group trading session on Tuesday began to fall. Apple led the group's losses, dropping 4.8%. Looking ahead, more and more investors may begin to reap their profits, amidst current market conditions
Shares of the five companies, which were the preferred investments over the past decade, were closed in a bearish market on Monday. Where Wall Street sets the bearish market down 20% or more from the 52-week high

FAANG shares fall from their 52-week highs

 The percentage change from the highest 52-week price to Tuesday trading for each of the five FAANG shares.
Despite the strength they are forming, the value of losses in the market value of the five FANG shares since their 52-week high and even Tuesday reached an estimated $ 1.02 trillion from their recent value

Facebook: lost 253 billion dollars
Amazon: Lost $ 280 Billion
Apple: lost 253 billion dollars
Netflix: lost $ 67 billion
Alphabet: Lost $ 164 Billion

Based on losses from each company's rising point in recent months, more than $ 1 trillion of market value has been lost. Facebook, Apple and Amazon have the biggest losses

Change in the combined value of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet

Change in the aggregate value of FAANG shares during 2018

So, in the midst of all this turmoil, let's take a look at how FAANG shares helped the market dip
There was a lot of blame for what happened on Apple, which saw its share price fall 4.8% in normal trading on Tuesday, to $ 176.98 per share. Apple's recent decision to stop selling iPhone units in the future helped the company sell its latest sale

Goldman Sachs downgraded its Apple share price on Tuesday by more than 11 percent after weaker-than-expected quarterly earnings and same-store sales before the holiday season. She said in a report

There is a weakening demand for Apple products in China and other emerging markets, as well as a disappointing reception for the iPhone XR model

The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that the world's largest technology company cut production orders in recent weeks for all three new phones unveiled in September

A trader on the New York Stock Exchange

While Facebook shares fell 40% from their highest levels as a result of a series of negative news since the summer, especially focusing on the manipulation of senior executives of the company for the Russian influence on the 2016 elections in the United States

While Amazon stocks continue to fall on the back of their October quarter forecast, which was much lower than expected. At the same time, Netflix and Alphabet declined significantly with the rest of the FAANG shares

While Facebook and Alphabet recorded their highest levels in 52 weeks in July, at $ 218.62 per share and $ 1291.44 per share, respectively. Netflix net profit in June was $ 423.21 per share. Amazon and Apple were the last to reach a 52-week peak at $ 2,550.50 in September and $ 233.47 per share in October, respectively