Because the United States imposed trade restrictions on Huawei, it has slowly affected the world's second-largest smart phone company, Goldman Sachs analysts now say China could hurt Apple's profit by up to 29% if the country decides to respond to the ban

Goldman Sachs analysts said Apple could lose up to 29 percent of its profits if China banned the sale of iPhones in the country as a revenge for Huawei's ban in the United States. 17 percent of Apple's sales in China make it a huge blow to Cupertino, Also on China to assemble iPhones, MacBooks and other products

China could restrict the production of Apple products in the country, which would be a major blow to Apple. Analysts noted that such a move from China could have negative effects on China's technology ecosystem as well as on local employment but with the trade war between the two world powers, But there is no certainty of what may happen next if and when China decides to take revenge

China is also the manufacturing center for most US companies. Therefore, China's ban on American production in the country will not only be a problem for Apple but also a myriad of US-based companies that depend on China's manufacturing of its products. From China and opened manufacturing plants in India too but full independence from China for manufacturing is not something that can easily be done