Whether you prefer to travel lightly and need nothing but the basics, or prefer to carry all your devices and accessories with you but without the need for a bag, or you are an amateur bags, these three options of our experience only give you an example of three different ways to move in an era of devices And electronic accessories

Move freely without complete bags: Jacket ScotteVest Tropiformer Multi-pockets

Have you ever thought of carrying your laptop inside one of your pockets? This is exactly what a small company that specializes exclusively in the manufacture of clothing with multiple pockets is designed to carry all your electronic devices

The ScotteVest Tropiformer includes 22 different pockets that allow you to carry all your electronic devices, from laptop to tablet to mobile phone, digital camera, and accessories at the same time without feeling the weight of these devices and accessories

The jacket itself is made of light and very thin materials, making it lightweight. The pockets are each designed with touches that suit your device, such as headphone slots, RFID protection for electronic devices, compact pockets for carrying Flash Drive and other memory cards

ScotteVest Tropiformer

The Tropiformer jacket is sold for $ 175, but the company sells other jackets in the same concept at prices starting at $ 60
The Tropiformer jacket allows the jacket to be removed into a light summer jacket, but I do not like it because the mechanism used for this is based on small magnetic pieces that sometimes do not stick together efficiently

Or a small bag: Travel Set from Bellroy

A convenient option for those who love freedom of movement at this time when the phone, charger, earphones, and perhaps a charger or power bank are becoming the basics of daily mobility
The kit includes a classic Pouch with a space to store these essential accessories for your electronics. It also includes a smaller Travel Folio for your mobile phone, credit cards, cash and passport

Bellroy's products are of great quality in the raw materials used. I have come to this conclusion after years of using one of the bags of the company, which is already one of the finest producers of bags and leather products that I have seen
The package is sold for $ 149. It is customary for the company to increase the prices of its products relatively, but personally I feel great distinction in the quality and raw materials of all their products

Or backpack: Alienware Vindicator 2.0 Backpack

You might be able to carry a small laptop, like a MacBook in your jacket, but if you're still in a category of gaming users with large, thick laptops, you'll probably need a backpack. This bag is from Mobile Edge, a company specifically contracted to use the Alienware brand and designed backpacks for those who own this category of professional gaming computers

These bags are characterized by many touches that aim to make traveling heavyweight computer easy and safe on the computer. The weight of the bag is lightweight, as most of these notebooks are mainly heavyweight, with a reinforced structure specially designed to protect the heavy computer from damage if the bag falls on the ground. It also includes a padded shoulder holder to reduce heavy weight when moving

This bag is sold for $ 100 and comes with a lifetime warranty