After more than five years of sleep, no video game has been as successful as PUBG or Fortnite, which has destroyed a set of records that many video games have never seen before. First, PUBG and Fortnite are games Can be classified in the same field, which is among the best game currently on the Internet and the only difference between these games is that Fornite game was not previously available for users of Android phones reverse PUBG game, which could be loaded immediately after launch

Among the things that 95% of people who play through the PUBG or fortnite application do not know is that the accounts that are created and reach a high level are very expensive and are sold incredibly on many platforms, the simplest of which is the Ebay platform. Sell ​​these accounts easily


As you see all the accounts of these games are sold at prices of more than $ 100 per account, so you can spend some time playing for the purpose of developing the level of accounts and selling on the platform of eBay to achieve through your monthly income without the need to experience in any area