It seems that destiny is still hiding a lot for Toys R Us, it is the one that gives it the kiss of life, when the major lenders decided to cancel their bankruptcy auction

At the end of last week, October 6, the official page of Toys R Us on the Twitter website featured a picture of the giraffe Jeffrey, the motto of the lucky mascot, carrying a bag, accompanied by a comment that the famous mascot had returned from traveling To the world again, indicating the company's plans to re-launch the brand

Another chance of bankruptcy ashes

The mascot was a surprise at one of the biggest wholesale events in the gaming industry, just days after the court's statement that owners of the Toys R Us chain might be on their way back from a new one with the company's hedge fund, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Web domains and other assets - including the giraffe

Potential news of return follows a press release from Geoffrey LLC, a limited liability company, that maintains the intellectual property of Toys R Us, saying it is moving forward with a plan to buy all its assets substantially from a group of investors, working with partners Likely to develop ideas for gaming centers

The assets of Toys R Us will be reorganized with Geoffrey, which will lead to the bankruptcy and closure of the gaming store earlier this year

In a statement, Jeffrey Pierce, chief investment officer of Snow Park Capital Partners, said

The bankruptcy of toy stores has created a big void in the consumer gaming industry and its supply chain, but if the proposed reorganization plan moves, the vacuum can be filled in a way that creates new opportunities for former employees, manufacturers and brands. This should be the desired result for creditors and long-term stakeholders 

Toys R Us filed bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Act in September last year 2017. In January, the company announced the closure of all its stores in the United States

In March this year, 100 stores in the UK, 800 stores in the United States were closed, and thousands of people were forced out of work, affecting some 31,000 employees. The impact was very high, with a blow to the US jobs report in August

Restructuring under a brand new

Geoffreys Toy Box Logo

The brand Toys R Us returns in a new concept under the name Geoffreys Toy Box.
There are few details that show how to revitalize the company, including the supposed time of return, and how many stores can be reopened

But one of the new ideas for reviving the company seems to be Geoffrey's Toy Box, a wholesale project that was introduced to the industry during Dallas's recent show, according to a report from

But what it means to change the brand

Geoffrey's store

Toys R Us plans to re-launch the brand again
The "Geoffrey's Toy Box" brand is a restructuring of Toys R Us, a game distribution company focused on popular gaming styles through trusted brands loved by children and parents, is a fully equipped enterprise with expertise in design, development and global expertise

The portfolio includes famous brands such as Journey Girls, Fastlane, True Heroes, You & Me, Imaginary and Just like Home. There are 35 categories listed, such as: Stereoscopic figures, cars, trucks and accessories, costumes, doll houses, battery games