Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corp. and the second richest person in the world, is richer and richer than ever, with Bill Gates' net worth now at $ 100 billion, according to the Bloomberg Wealth Index. That makes him $ 9.5 billion richer than a year ago, and $ 24 billion from five years ago. That puts him in a club with only players: he and Jeff Bezos of the $ 100 billion

What do you know about Bill Gates

The Wealth of Bill Gates

Bill Gates joins a club of only two people in the world of $ 100 billion.
A businessman and investor born in 1955, in the United States of America, Washington
Bill Gates is a businessman, investor and richest man in the world. He founded Microsoft, one of the world's largest software companies, and founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill Gates is one of the world's greatest benefactors. He and his wife, Melinda Gates, said it was unfair that they were too rich. Instead of spending billions on themselves or leaving them as a giant legacy for their children, he and his wife spent an estimated $ 45.5 billion throughout their lives doing good, either through their Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or other charities

In addition, Gates pledged to relinquish most of his wealth to charities and founded Giving Pledge in 2010, an organization that asks other wealthy people to do the same, with his close friend Warren Buffett, who in turn is one of the richest people in the world

That is why many people believe that Gates' personal wealth is shrinking because he gives his money. But the truth is not. Gates is amazingly rich and even richer all the time

It is now richer by $ 9.5 billion than it was a year ago, and its net worth of more than $ 100 billion. In 2014, Gates was worth $ 76 billion. It has risen 24 billion dollars in five years. Currently Gates, the second richest person in the world after the founder of Amazon: Jeff Bezos, but the fact is that we do not really know how rich, but that all the figures available now estimates

The Wealth of Bill Gates

Gates spends billions of dollars on charity through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and plans to give up most of his wealth
Many of Gates' investments are made through Cascade Investment, which is managed by Michael Larsson. These investments are mostly in public companies, such as waste management, real estate and other businesses. He has made many investments through his personal investment company Cascade, including the partial ownership of the Charles Hotel in Cambridge. It also owns nearly half of the Four Season Holding chain, including its Atlanta and Houston hotels

In addition, his charity and his wife also invest in some of the profit-making companies, which are controlled and managed either by Gates or Melinda or both. For example, their charity bought nearly 800,000 shares in Liquidia Technologies, a biotech company that develops drugs. To be fair, these actions go into the organization's accounts, not Gates' personal wealth

These efforts have been continued through the investment of $ 30 million recently with a group of investors in a charity fund for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
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On the other hand, his fortune no longer comes from Microsoft, although its shares are working well under CEO Satya Nadella. Over the past 15 years, Gates has sold most of his stake in Microsoft. In 2004, he had 1.1 billion shares from Microsoft. Today, it holds only 103 million shares

The market value of Gates shares in his company, which he founded about $ 12 billion. He has not been selling or buying more shares over the past two years, as he has given up his cash salary, and is content with his share as a founder. As a result, it is clear that 90% of the wealth of the famous billionaire is in other diversified investments

But there are times when Gates adds more to his wealth through his many business interests by investing in other companies away from Microsoft. For example, in April 2017, Microsoft acquired a company called Intensive Software, founded by Charles Simonyi Charles Simonyi, the company's former architect, who worked on Excel and Word, in a deal worth $ 60 million
Gates previously invested in Amyris, a company that produced malaria drugs and hydrocarbon-based biofuels. Today, it focuses on health through perfumes, skincare and sweeteners

So while Gates spends his energy on charitable giving, his wealth grows at a much faster rate than he can offer. It's hard to imagine what to do with that much money, but Gates knows how to do it