In recent years, the Web has seen a lot of opportunities for profit. In recent years, free sites, platforms and mini-services have emerged, a market in which independents offer their services and are asked by employers who pay for them

This resulted in millions of independent designers, bloggers, programmers, marketers and in various fields who provide their services and earn growing income by providing their services

In this article we will stop at the best sites to earn money online from your home and remotely

Elance site

Elans is the largest free business platform that offers millions of services to those who wish to receive them and provides you with the addition of your services free of charge to start receiving applications

The site features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to search for new workflows and projects that require freelancers, while providing business owners with an easy-to-use interface to add requests for independent service or to access and communicate with freelancers across the site

And to know that there are those who achieve in the year with this site $ 1000 and there are those who achieve up to $ 100 thousand per year, and in the end each hardworking share

A disadvantage of the site is that there is strong competition from independents who work at about $ 1 to $ 2 an hour

Website Fiverr

The world's most popular platform for mini-services, offering independent services at a price of $ 5 or higher and receiving and executing applications

The site has an easy-to-use interface and is also popular in the free business, offering a lot of services while you can add your services free of charge

Those who want to access these services and use the search engine location or exploration through the ratings to access the service they want and buy simply

ODesk site

Another giant platform that provides independents to find new projects and jobs daily and to submit their offers to implement them to choose the owners of the best bidder and follow up with the implementation process

Is a good location for beginners and the more professional you become the better for you where you can immediately projects then and overcome competition and achieve better returns

The disadvantage of the site is that it may not suit a lot of professionals working at high amounts during one hour since most of the independents prefer to work at low to medium prices usually

Craigslist site

Is one of the classified sites that is full of self-employment ads from entrepreneurs who apply for it to offer the job specifications they are looking for

You can also use it to showcase your business or promote your services and get customers through it easily, especially since it is a site with strong visits, especially from the United States of America

Its disadvantage is that you may not get serious customers and you may encounter the quitters on the site

Freelancer site

A platform for business owners to ask for the services they want to get in the form of projects that are offered to the independents who are working on their offers in return and the price at which they will perform their services

There are projects and competitions and you can browse the classifications for example, you are a blog and looking for blogging projects you will find many of them and progress to it

The more projects you get and the more you implement, the more valuable you can be, and the more projects you can do and the greater the returns

The disadvantage of the site is that it is difficult for novices especially since it is expensive and may require some amounts and costs to work on it