Flexible phones of 2019

This year, several flexible cell phones will be launched by such relevant brands as Samsung and Huawei. In this sense, it could be said that the technology is already mature enough to put this type of phone in the hands of users.
Yes, there are doubts about the level of satisfaction they will achieve in terms of user experience, as well as their price. However, the "flexible" path that the industry is taking calls attention.

Here is a count of the folding or flexible cell phones that could be in the market in the near future, in the near future (some are already available).

Galaxy Fold

This Samsung phone was released in febuary, along with the Galaxy S10 series and new wearables.

Within its conference for developers, last November, the brand announced that the phone will have a couple of screens. When open, in tablet mode, it will reach a size of 7.3 inches, while as a cell phone, when it is doubled, it will boast a 4.58-inch display.

The phone is receiving all the support of Android, in order that the user has the best experience. It should be noted that this phone is not cheap.

Huawei Mate Flex

On February 24, in the framework of Mobile World Congress 2019, Huawei gave all the details of its folding phone, which could be called Mate Flex or Mate Fold.

True to his custom, the CEO of the brand, Richard Yu, mentioned some features of the cell phone, such as its processor Kirin 980 and its Belong 500 modem, "the fastest 5G modem in the world".

It is also said that it looks like an 8-inch OLED screen when it is open; closed, would have a 5-inch, which could integrate a fingerprint reader.


Xiaomi would be in the process of improving its possible folding cellphone, as shown by Donovan Sung, the company's production manager, a few weeks ago.

It is striking that the concept shown has only one screen, which bends back over two edges, and does not have front cameras.

The manufacturer that surprised to put the cell phones with a retractable camera on the table, would also be thinking of a folding smartphone, which would launch through its sub-brand iQoo.

Recently filtered photos show a gadget that is folded in half to become a cell phone. Its price could be for a thousand dollars.

It will be interesting to see if Vivo also manages to incorporate a retractable camera inside this possible cell phone.

Motorola Razr

If it becomes a reality, this cell phone would combine nostalgia and innovation, as the Razr series emerged in 2004, with the Razr V3, which boasted a slim and clam design.

With respect to its price, it could reach $ 1,500, approximately 28,500 pesos.


You have to be patient with the Cupertino folding cell phone. The first reports indicated that it could be launched in 2019, however, for this year, the brand of the apple would unveil its iPhone 5G.

The suspicion that it could take a few more years grows because its possible characteristics or appearance have not been filtered.