Apple plans to replace LCD screens on iPhone phones to move to use OLEDs in all future releases in 2020


According to the release of the GSM site, Apple is scheduled to offer the latest iPhone versions of the distinctive LCD screens this year in 2019, with the launch of the major iPhone versions of the OLED screens in 2020

OLEDs are expected to provide a more flexible design for iPhone versions, so Apple is expected to move to redesign the iPhone, which will arrive in 2020, with expectations for its first release of smartphones that can also be rolled out in 2020

Apple has struggled to develop an LCD screen on the liquid retina XR iPhones. This type of screen requires a backlight that requires an extension of the LCD screen in the phone to the edges

The use of LCD monitors in the next release of this year's Apple XR is indicated, but Apple supports this version with a dual camera with faster connection to LTE networks