Launch iPhone 8S

Apple, the technology and technology giant, continues to deliver many outstanding versions of its smartphones to keep Apple's name as it is, with its iconic iPhone, which is always charming and stylish in design, strong in quality and superior in its capabilities, New and innovative technologies in its smart phones so we are used to the iPhone that it is always outstanding and works more than excellent and every period comes to us with a new release and different technology and good This time Apple plans to launch the iPhone 8S to be a new version of the iPhone 8 M 4.7-inch with A13 processor and in the year 2020 within the range of new phones that will be launched by the company's prestigious Apple

Unlock iphone 8s

Apple officially announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in September 2017. Since then, Apple has begun to increase its sales share in the smartphone market worldwide and of course will increase the share of sales when providing consumers with economic devices and this principle Apple will be working on it in the coming period so that it can launch a variety of phones under a new category of phones as the middle class phones for iPhone

Specifications iPhone 8S

According to some foreign reports, the new iPhone 8S will come with a 4.7-inch LCD screen. The phone is expected to come with the latest Apple processor at this time and will be powered by the A13 chip. The new version of the iPhone 8 is also expected to have a mono The new iPhone 8 is priced at $ 599 with 64GB of storage and $ 699 on 64GB of iPhone 8 Plus. Apple is expected to price the new iPhone 8S at $ 649 as the company tries to increase its share In the smart phone market The phone will come with an aluminum back and will not support wireless charging and face recognition technology. This is expected because it is a low-priced phone and may be officially announced for this category in March 2020