Apple plans to launch three new iPhone phones in 2020 with OLED displays

The current flagship lineup offers OLED screens on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, but the iPhone XR uses a low-resolution LCD screen to save cost

Although rumors suggest that Apple plans to introduce simple updates to the 2019 lineup of iPhone phones, its 2020 devices will have smaller, larger screens than today's leading models
According to a new report by DigiTimes, the company will choose between new OLED screens from South Korean screen makers Samsung and LG, and seeks to obtain screens less thick and affordable at three new sizes

According to the report, which is based on sources in the Taiwan phone supply chain, the 2020 lineup will start with a screen of 5.42 inches, which will be noticeably smaller than the current 5.8 

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The combination also features a 6.06-inch mid-size display and a larger 6.67-inch screen, which is an increase compared to the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max

Minor changes for medium and large models suggest that Apple can remove the edges on the main devices today or slightly increase the bottom edge of the 2020 models

The information suggests that Apple will offer an OLED model to meet the needs of users who want to use the phone with one hand, after the company moved away from this audience by shutting down the iPhone SE, which kept the screen size of 4 inches


can offer a device with a 5.4-inch screen of a size similar to the size of the iPhone SE, using the OLED screen and Face ID instead of the HOM button

According to information, Apple is waiting until 2020 for the launch of the first iPhone model supporting the fifth generation 5G networks, relying on an Intel 5G modem chip, which has not yet been released

It is not yet clear whether Apple will follow Samsung's footsteps by providing support for the 5G networks within the larger version of its phones, or may be adding two or more of its devices to 2020


The fifth-generation technology may play an undisclosed role in Apple's sources of screens. It is said that the company is considering using thinner screens, including Samsung's Y-OCTA OLED screens and LG TOE touch screens, which could provide more space for 5G components and batteries

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